Reuse Those Shoe Boxes

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Introduction: Reuse Those Shoe Boxes

They are quite useful as storage boxes. They look better from the inside than the outside. Luckily enough shoe makers generally do not glue the boxes but simply fold them to reduce assembly cost. So unfolding and refolding inside out is easy.

Step 1: Unfold

Now start unfolding... (what else ?)

Step 2: Step 2 !

...You definitely got the point...

Step 3: Step 3 !

Now it's time to fold back the box inside out...

Step 4: This Is Step 4...'re better off if you manage to remember how the box was originally folded...

Step 5: Finito !

Done, now you may want to decorate the finished box. Personally I prefer plain cardboard colour better.



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This is fantastic!

Thank you for this! I am in the middle of a huge family photo organizing project.
This will save me time & $$. I was able to convert a shoe box on the very first try. Keep those ideas coming. :-)

this is really cool. and the plain now outside surface provides plentiful space to label your boxes

yah, its pretty cool, but i was hoping for something more insteresting then fliping a cardboard shoe box inside out.

Nice! I thought the table was white and blue wrapping for the box though. Maybe a neutral background would have helped make it a little clearer for the craft challenged group(which I seem to be president of) lol. I agree with you, the plain cardboard look is as Grey-Wolf says, "elegantly simple"

Perfect activity for our Brownie scouts, combining the Reuse & Recycle project with holiday gifts for the local nursing home. Add a piece of hemp string and voila!, a gift box that can be reused by the recipient. Thanks!

I'm particularly satisfied whenever I get a positive feedback on this very simple Instructable. Thank you for this. A.

Thank you.

Not really a compliment when it's the truth, but you're welcome.