Reuse your nespresso capsules simple and easy and cheap

I´m sure others have figured this solution out but nobody posted
it here but i wanted to share it.

I got tired of the blends nespresso offers and gave it a go to try to refill them with other blends,
and well yes im a cheap bastard also since they do cost much x capsule.

I tend to use the capsules 2 or 3 times since they poke new holes in the back but most times i seem to manage put it in so it uses the same holes again without even trying to do that.

Step 1: Preparation

Picture of Preparation
Take the capsule and carve off the metallic film following the inner ring and then empty and rinse it.

Step 2: Filling

Picture of Filling
Fill the capsule with about 1.5 - 2 teaspoons of your favourite espresso blend don´t
pack it to hard or the machine will struggle and the coffe will taste bad.

Step 3: Sealing

Picture of Sealing
Take a piece of foil and cut it so you have some spare
and then tuck it neatly under the edge and boom your done.

Step 4: Brewing

Picture of Brewing
Now all you need to do is brew your coffe and enjoy it,
you might have packed the coffe to loose or to tight just try
again and you will get it right.

It´s very easy and way cheaper then the "originals".

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Working like charm.

Francoisd419 days ago
KhanhN34 months ago

I was told that doing this method will damage the machine; since you cant get complete seal and thus the grinds will end building up in your machine to cause problems. Let me know if your machine is still functioning.

coffeesj KhanhN33 months ago

I doubt that this re-filled cartridge will damage machine. The water is pumped through it and it will carry grind particles out. I guess the worst thing could happen is that you will find coffee particles in your cup.

coffeesj3 months ago

works great! Thank you!

Kiteman5 years ago
I'm a coffee-lover, but I've never seen the point of these capsule machines.  What's wrong with a cafetier or a stove-top espresso maker?

That aside, this is a very useful project for those who like a gadget-filled kitchen.

Well done.
Euphy Kiteman5 years ago
Bear in mind that cafetiers and stove-top espresso makers are both kitchen gadgets too - and ones (in my experience) that almost never get used because I think they're a pain to wash and dry, or a pain to use and ground coffee doesn't keep fresh for long. The pod-based systems are literally service and maintenence-free and the pods keep fresh for months as opposed to days.  That's why I got one anyway, and because the machine was so compact.  I have a little kitchen, and no room (or money) for a good burr grinder and standard espresso machine. I am a convert, I admit!

Nespresso do have a recycling program for the pods, but only in switzerland I think!

They recycle the capsules in Toronto Canada also.

Capsules are also recycled in Ottawa, Canada. I think they are recycled wherever there is a Nespresso Boutique.

Kiteman Kiteman6 months ago

UPDATE: I was bought a pod machine for my birthday. I'm a convert.

I used to think the same thing myself until my wife won a Nespresso machine in a raffle. We decided to try it out and now my $2,000 espresso machine hardly gets used. Turn this baby on and within one minute you are drinking a cup of coffee. I'm hooked and as they say don't knock it till you try it. I can recommend these machines.

I am disabled and cannot lift anything as heavy as a caraf. Able-bodied people often miss the unlikely reason for a choice.
Since making that post, my wife has bought me a single-cup coffee machine that uses either loose ground coffee, or you can drop in one of a range of capsules.

Have a look.

Would you please share what machine this is, that can use the loose ground coffee or a range of capsules? I had seen an ad for one like that, but never could find it online. I do have one that will take either Keurig or ground coffee, but one that will handle a bigger variety would be even better. Thanks!

I'm afraid that the particular model I have does not seem to be available any more.

(That's a 3 year old post you're replying to.)

derte84 Kiteman5 years ago
 I'm from Italy and here coffee is quite a religion. I can say that nespresso make one of the best coffe you can have (at home) and is quite comparable to bar espresso (<- this is the point).

And everyone that try it think the same...

This instructable is soo good because I want to try with my favorite coffee blend made by ILLY (illy espresso)
ambart derte843 years ago
I just bought a Nespresso machine for my husband for Christmas, but have not tried it yet (it is a Christmas gift). I was wondering about the pods. Does ILLY make pods for Nespresso machines? Which pod is the best for Nespresso machines? I understand Nespresso has several different ones. I have only tried the medium and I was not enamoured of it. I am in Italy a lot and I have tried many bar coffees and even in Italy I must say, the coffee varies from bar to bar. There are times when the coffee is out of this world, but then there are times when it is average at best (for Italy, that is). Here in U.S. espresso is not made well anywhere and so you get a version of it. Starbucks, which people here rave over, is terrible coffee. Anyway, I hope to here from you about this because it is important to get the opinion of one whose religion is coffee (lol).
Grazie mille
Actually, Illy is made by Nestlé too, but sold separately, under the company's Food Services Division. So more or less, they are the same powder. You can make different blends, however.
Coffee is a religion in Portugal too. I dare to say that the day this country runs out of coffee, everyone's dead.

I've heard a lot about the excellent coffee of Nespresso machines, but you do have to give Saeco some credit. I've never had coffee that good since my Rio Profi stopped working.

I did have to adjust the machine at least every month, but it was worth the time for me. Nespresso wins in that: it's quite a no-brainer.
baneat Kiteman5 years ago
My cafetiere takes 3 minutes to brew with, my Senseo thingy does it in one.

Better for a small qty of a coffee.
If you are in a hurry to get to work and don't have time to clean up a little mess, you will want one. lol :P

My parents uses one of those "capsule machines" because they don't have much time to do what they want, I have 3 little brothers and sisters, so it can get pretty hectic sometime.. :S
I love my keurig machine...single cup means it only boils a small amount of water at a time - as I only drink one at a time - always perfectly fresh.

I also have the reusable filter cup - so I don't have to refill the disposable ones.  I primarily use it for tea.
zalbo (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
i bought that machine beacuse i have had about 5 different types of espresso machines that all have been excellent at start and then start getting worse after a couple of years it almost always seemed to be the same problem the steam thingymabob that was the cause.

and the stovetop ones well i dont like to wait for my coffe and i have the attention span of a goldfish so i tend to forget it there and it boils over:)

this nespresso mache cost me less then 200$ and is half the size of a "normal" one and has been on my kitchen counter switched on for 2.5 years now and not a single malfunction only downside is the exspensive coffe.
earnst2w8 zalbo5 years ago
 we've also got a Nespresso machine :P  And we've also got the steam thingymabob :P failiure :D  But now we use milk, wich we shook ( i dont know how you call it ) ourselfs 
ddnn4 months ago

I have been using for over a year a refillable coffee pod which has actually been made to be reused. I buy the pack of 10 and it usually lasts me about 300 uses. 30 uses per pod. I buy them from www.mycoffeepod.com.au

coffeeluvie5 months ago
I did the same with the Aldi machine I have, mainly for environmental reasons - they create a lot of waste! Work well most of the time, but getting mix right is hard. Sometimes have blown front pipe off machine! Easy to put back on though. The main issue is is that the point of these is speed, and doing it yourself of course removes the convenience

I have just purchased a Dolce Gusto machine and find the pods are sooooo expensive and messy the used pods remain full of water after your drink is made, also on opening a few pods after use to empty the liquid out before throwing out, I have found a few that still have powder in them what a waste.Im not saying I don't like the machine or the drinks but do wish they would come up with a proper refillable pod, or as Tim Horton in Canada and USA make their product available in an instant drink that is really georgeous

You might be cutting a very large foil. Get a perfectly round foil slightly bigger than the opening of the capsule. Don't let the foil touch the sides of the capsule. I believe the pressure generated in the capsule (from the hot water entering) pushes the whole capsule to the plastic "blades?" to break the foil. If you have a lot of foil around of the capsule, it won't be able to move and break. Therefore you have plain water coming out. Please let me know how it works. It took me a couple of days to figure this out.

PhaseN7 months ago

This does not work. Water comes through so you end up with watery coffee and no crema

Nespresso8 months ago

Hello. Was wondering if the same aluminum foil technique as shown here can be used with a good quality stainless steel reusable pod - like the mycoffeestar stainless steel pods. Mycoffeestar comes with a perforated stainless steel screw on cap but aparently the coffee extract does not compare with the non perforated cap of the original nespresso pods. Anyone with mycoffeestar pods to try?

KeithE8 months ago

Nice idea, got a Nespresso for ourselves after going to buy one as a xmas gift for the parents in law and remembered how good its coffee was when we had one to use at a B&B we visited. Refills a great idea - found a pack of 3 strong plastic ones with mesh filters work great - try Roobos Red tea with frothy milk and honey on top heaven!

Coffee2u Refillable Reusable Coffee Capsules Pods For Nespresso - 3 Coffee Pods £10

Cheers Keith

Lyn13122 years ago
Aluminium is not a good idea. Lots of studies now associate it with Alzheimer's. just saying.....

This was garbage the aluminium found in tissue samples came from the chemicals used to stablize them for testing.

No studies have confirmed a link between the two. In fact, aluminum is widely used from your soda cans, pots/pans to aluminum foil for food storage and cooking. Also, Nespresso pods are made of aluminum, too, though it does have a food grade shellac.
this statement is controversial and meant for a different thread. There is insubstantial evidence for this.

ref: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21157018
Demigirl1 year ago
i tried this but it didnt work the machine cant break through the foil at the front of the pod. what brand of foil did you use maybe what i have is too thick.
capuchin442 years ago
Thanks for the instructable! This actually works quite well for my purposes. I'm a sucker for my neighborhood coffee roasters so being able to fill my own pods is a godsend. Plus it saves me part of the US .60 or so (pods + freight) that I would normally be paying for a single nespresso pod.

I found I needed to try a few times before getting it right. What worked for me was gettng a really fine grind (I went to almost to turkish level fineness on the burr grinder) and not tamping too much. Tamping caused the machine (Citiz) to back up and shoot out water, or rumble and struggle to push out a thick short bitter shot. I found if I fill the pod just above its horizon and then give a light thumb push to get the grounds level I was able to get a good extraction and have the foil puncture properly. Sweet smooth espresso daily!
tcacestmoi2 years ago
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