Reused Solar Lighting for a Bicycle Helmet-Trash Tech

Picture of Reused Solar Lighting for a Bicycle Helmet-Trash Tech
The idea for this instructable was to build a lighting system for my bicycle helmet that can charge with solar power during the day at work so I can use it for my bike ride home after dark. I used my existing bike helmet (Adult Standard Razor) and different components I recovered from dumpsters or bought on the super sale at different stores. 
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Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
Materials Used:
Solar Spotlight (bought on clearance at Walgreens for $1)
Bicycle Helmet
Low Voltage wire (100 yard spool from Home Depot)
red LED's (Scavenged from circuit boards of appliances thrown away/Mardi Gras throws)
2 Solar Panels and charging circuits from solar yard lights I bought at deep discount from Walgreens because they were cracked and didn't have yard stakes anymore (67 cents each!)

Tools Used:
Soldering Iron
5 Minute Epoxy

Step 2: Separate solar cell and charging circuit from spotlight

Picture of Separate solar cell and charging circuit from spotlight
For the first Step I separated the top part containing the solar panel, battery and charging circuit from the LED spotlight. I then soldered longer wires from the spotlight to the charging circuit so it would be easier to attach the assembly to the helmet(and not make it any taller than it already will be)
BillBiker2 years ago
First I would like to say BRAVO!!!! Been looking for this very idea for about 1hr. Anyways I have a couple questions. I want to separate the the solar panel from a light I have (very similar to the one you have) and put the spot light part in my workshop and leave the panel outside. Now how long can the wire be ran before losing effectiveness? By running lets say 3ft away from each make it to where I need to add a couple panels like you did? Reason I am doing this is because I am tired of looking for the pull chain in the dark to my shop light. I know this is only effective idea for the night time. Which is fine because thats when I cant see what the heck I am doing lol. Brightness np just something to illuminate a little.