Reuseing That PCB




Introduction: Reuseing That PCB

Have you ever been tring to put a circuit to gether and you don't have that one LED or resistor? Why drive over to Radio Shack and buy a couple of components(Sorry Radio Shack). You're useing a car which consumes gas and causes pollution, or you could just use you bike, but what if its raining or snowing out.
On a nether note: as you can tell my grammar is bad, so please tell me if something isn't stated in good condition, I'll try my best at explaining stuff! Any way, I have been try different methods of desoldering components: magnifying suns rays at the solder point(did work after 2 hours of a magnifying lens on a C-clamp, to much time wasted), Butane torch that board! (good but useing it may destroy some components and you would need a chemical fume hood.) I had a discovery...

Step 1: What a Discovery....

Many moons ago, I was heating some heat-shrinking on a wire and the heat-shrink slid off the wire and the heat gun was heating the solder on the alligator clip and it melted the solder makeing the clip fall to the floor(it was late night and I didn't use my robotic arm, to hold it). I thought it was stupid, but I did what I did and put the heat gun to a random pcb board and it worked! Ok enough story time!!

Step 2: Supplys

1x Heatgun
1x griping tool

If needed:
- a fan
- desolder wick

Step 3: Heat It...

heat the spot where the component(s) that you would like to get and shake the board a little bit.

Step 4: Thanks

Thanks for reading and taking time to read my discovery! Please vote, so I can get better equipment.



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