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Introduction: Reusing Courtesy Cards As Cable Binders

Do you recognise this?

My collection of earphones, usb and other cables had become a real mess in recent years. I was almost longer working on untying a set of earplugs than I could use them.

I also had this collection of courtesy cards from different stores and subscriptions.

With a pair of scissors and some rubber bands I created structure in this mess...

Step 1: It Is Easy!

Just take the scissors and cut the notches in the card. You don't have to be very precise. Put a rubber band around it... done!

These cards fit great in this Ikea box and it is easy to find the right earphones or cable.

You can also use this trick to shorten a cable. Just cut another notch on the side to secure the rubber band without having to put it all over the cable.

I hope you can (re)use this for your benefit.



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    Excellent idea, very useful especially if you are travelling and need a neat way to keep cables tidy in your luggage.

    Clever! We throw so many of those things away, it's nice to see them getting them re-used

    1 reply

    Thanks! And I totally agree. Let's re-use more.