Introduction: Reusing Old Bamboo Reed Diffusers

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Materials needed for this instructable are as follows:

-Store bought diffuser that has dried up



-Sample bottle of perfume or cologne that you like

-A place to put it

Step 1: Break Apart Each Bamboo Reed to a New Size

Picture of Break Apart Each Bamboo Reed to a New Size

Break apart every bamboo reed to a different size. Each diffuser will have a different amour of bamboo reeds.

After breaking spart the reeds fill the empty jar with tap water

Step 2: Scenting

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This was a post directed at guys who like the masculine scent in their place, but this can work with any fragrant scent male or female.

Add a sample bottle of a fragrance of your choice.

Certain stores have sample size jars/containers that you can get for free

Step 3: Done

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You can place this wherever you like to get fragrance that you like anywhere in your home and mostly free with the initial cost of the diffuser

Unless you decide to buy bamboo sticks for cooking and put them in a random jar with water and a sample bottle of a fragrance

Step 4:


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