Reusing Old Mouthwash Bottles for Evil





Introduction: Reusing Old Mouthwash Bottles for Evil

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Well, what's evil is the ridiculous price of spirits on a cruise liner :P Here's a trick to re-cap a mouthwash bottle for your next trip through customs and/or through the porters.

Step 1: Aquiring a Sealed Cap

So you've finished you're bottle of mouthwash? Well, you're going to need another one - so go grab that one.

Gently remove the cap(squeeze the sides and twist) from the new bottle without breaking the perforated seal. Replace that cap with your old one.

Step 2: Wash and Fill Empty Bottle

Give the bottle a good washing, but take care not to damage the label. Next, fill with your spirit of choice - just don't try a carbonated beverage (unless it's carbonated at 1 atmosphere).

Over fill = good.
Under fill = suspicious.
Keep that in mind ;)

Step 3: Re-Cap

Take your "sealed" cap and place it on your newly filled bottle. Ours went on easily and screwed in just like it came from the store.

Pack in your suitcase just like you normally would your mouthwash.

For those of you attempting with a container that's not opaque (this mouthwash contains hydrogen peroxide - which is photosensitive), add a few drops of food coloring ;) It won't change the flavor, but will become a very potent stain adder. So be careful ;)

Step 4: Implications

I can only imagine. Without being able to cite, I'm going to go out on a limb and call this illegal - or close to it. The cruise liner set the rule - not customs (to me knowledge). But there may be duties on alcohol when you enter other countries.

Similarly, this could be used for other forms of "evil." I hope you're not too paranoid to think that the cutting edge of this evil is college spring break at sea ;)



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    hahaha i just put it in a water bottle. they let you have water in class but nothing else. also they let you have water at exams hehehe

    1 reply

    Detention much?
    J/k :)

    Awesome! I am in a certain "career" field that prevents me fromt ransporting certain fluids when I go overseas. This will be quite handy. Thanks!

    1 reply

    'The few, the proud...'?
    J/k :)

    This may help understand tooth paste better.

    Big Jake

    I know this is a bit off topic, but my (utterly brilliant) dentist warned me about this product recently: she says she's had way too many patients recently who use this stuff and that it's been causing gum damage.
    Hydrogen peroxide over time can definitely eat away living tissue. Not cool!

    Great instructable =D

    11 replies

    It's a fair margin better than what the Romans used to whiten their teeth!

    wouldn't that be lead dioxide (or was it carbonate) or something like that?

    I know they used some form of lead to whiten their faces. The Romans loved their lead.

    and the latin for lead - plumbum (hence Pb in periodic table) - is where we get the name for plumbing as most pipes in europe were made form this bendable but highly poisonous metal.


    actually i think it stands for plumbob, a tool used to find perfect vertical and made out of lead

    Nope! It was human urine! :) No Joke!

    yeah those wacky romans =D
    They used urine to help die and clean their clothing too!

    didn't people in england used bleech. they would do it evry so often.

    Hydrogen Peroxide is a bleach ;)

    Just as an FYI, it's also the ingredient in most tooth whitening products, and likely what it's there for in this case. It also is not the best stuff to get on one's skin. Not highly toxic, but bleaching.

    That is a good point -- I'll pass that along to my sister :)

    hmm why not put mint schnapps in the bottle with food coloring? Then it wouldn't matter if someone checked it since it would smell, look, and taste like mouthwash.

    2 replies

    Because mint schnapps is disgusting :0)

    I agree. Yukon Jack is nasty.