Picture of Reusing glass bottles=spices
So everytime I have a glass bottle, I can't throw it away. There isn't a recycling facility near me so I just end up with a box of them.
So I decided to sort through and set these up for my spices, grains, etc.

I spent a couple of dollars on corks at a craft store and the bottles were just washed and dried (air dried). Make sure they are completely dry before using them.

ClareBS9 months ago

Great idea to use the narrow neck jars for grains etc and seal with corks. I take my glass jars to a recycling center but give the good ones to a friend who does a lot of bottling. Now I'll save some of the better ones to use.

GabbieZee (author) 2 years ago
My pleasure! Thanks.
bluemoon62 years ago
What a great idea..thanks for sharing...