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So everytime I have a glass bottle, I can't throw it away. There isn't a recycling facility near me so I just end up with a box of them.
So I decided to sort through and set these up for my spices, grains, etc.

I spent a couple of dollars on corks at a craft store and the bottles were just washed and dried (air dried). Make sure they are completely dry before using them.



ClareBS (author)2014-11-06

Great idea to use the narrow neck jars for grains etc and seal with corks. I take my glass jars to a recycling center but give the good ones to a friend who does a lot of bottling. Now I'll save some of the better ones to use.

GabbieZee (author)2012-11-12

My pleasure! Thanks.

bluemoon6 (author)2012-11-12

What a great idea..thanks for sharing...

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