The stairs have a special place in every home. Not only are they a high-traffic area but they also contribute to the overall interior décor of your property. Carpeted staircases are no longer trendy. Needless to say, when your carpeting is about a decade old, it has long since lost its appeal, no matter how vigilant you are about maintaining it.

This is an old project of mine, I decided to share as (and I say that as humbly as possible) I believe it was amongst my most successful undertakings. To give you a bit of background info about me: I am a DIY enthusiast. I have some of the tools every self-respecting amateur would have... and I am a girl! Well, I added the last one just to explain why a crowbar (which I should have used in this project) wasn't in my arsenal.

Step 1: The Before

My staircase was wrapped in a hideous fluffy brown carpet. Not only did it cover the entire surface of the stairs but it was tucked around the corners, just like a furry little pest. Honestly, not a look I would have chosen but it came with my lovely house and the quote was far too high to have it fixed right after I moved in. Still the time came and I decided I could make this my little project.


<p>excellent I did something similar thanks to your instructable.</p>
Beautiful Job!
Thank you, Blackjax!
carlos, l'm pretty sure that's not a sir ,she said she was a girl, nonetheless, great looking stairs.
Oops, distracted... and the android app sometimes does not show the photo.
Thanks, hmerchant :)
A very nice job indeed...how did you build up the stair nose moulding? I am attempting a similar project but my stairs are made of pressboard (contractor's 'specials') and not hardwoods.. any ideas? Thanks
Nice work! I am going to be doing this soon and I was worried I would have to replace everything (given past experiences working on this house it is definitely a mess under there). Glad to see ingenuity, some trim, wood filler, paint, and elbow grease can produce such a beautiful result. Thanks for the inspiration. <br> <br>Out of curiosity what did you use to cut the trim work?
Well done! Lovely result, too. Much more stylish than the brown carpeting
Thank you, Mlelameri! That ugly brown carpet was truly hideous and I was more than happy to throw it away :)
Very well done, sir! I hired someone to remove the carpet (of 18 years, yuck! it is gross to remember what was under it). They ended-up removing the entire treads and risers, replacing them with plywood and gluing and nailing hardwood on top. End results are beautiful, but was a bit expensive ($1,000 in labor in the US, $400 in materials). Your stairs look very nice indeed!
Thank you, Carlos :) Some imagination and determination will get you a long way ;)
Well done. Women can do anything.
Thanks! After this project, I believe no job can scare me :)

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