I bought a Behringer distortion pedal a while ago, and because of my budget it was pretty cheap and flimsy. lately its been giving some power plug problems so i decided to make it a bit more sturdy and isolate the plugs from the actual circuit board. Hopefully this will make your cheaper pedal last longer then normal

Step 1: The Parts...

 You will need:

-Wood or whatever material you want to make a casing
-the internals of the pedal ( just the circuit board)
-shielded wire (must be shielded)
-2X female jacks
-2X male jacks
- An 9V adapter that fits your pedal
-Soldering iron and solder
-Pedal parts (you can choose how you make your stomp switch so materials are according to your preference, I used meccano and foil
beast of a guitar in the background...

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Bio: Cape Town based maker and Geoinformatics student
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