Picture of Reversable Hedgehog Snuggle Bag
I recently became the proud mother of a baby hedgehog. Wanting to spoil him something awful, I decided that he needed the nicest, coziest snuggle bag in existence. I knew that if I just made a regular ol' bag, the visible seams and thread could get tangled on his feet and injure him, so I decided to make a fleece reversible bag with completely hidden seams, so he can have all the fun with none of the hurt! Here is how it is done:

What you'll need:
Fleece-about 4 12"x12" squares, at most. (depending on the size you want, of course)
Sewing machine (just to make your life easier)

Step 1: Cut material

Picture of Cut material
First cut your material.

You will need to cut 4 pieces of fleece; two of each color/pattern.

For this instructable I cut mine into 10x12" rectangles, but any size should work.
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Any more costume ideas for hedgie's?

Maybe a maze for them to walk around, or else a "bucket"wheel for the exercise. I know the hegy's love to walk

lol it not costume

dackermans845 months ago

Very nice instructable! I hope your hedgehog is comfortable in his snuggle bag.

he he looks like a mario pipe

Where did you find the fabric with the hedgehog on it?

Where did you find the fabric with the hedgehog on it???? Love it!

meggers422 made it!10 months ago

Thanks for your great tutorial! I made mine in ten minutes with your great instructions, my new hedgie loves hers.

AwkwardKitten made it!1 year ago

Thank you for this! This was my first sewing project and you made it so easy for me. My little Mochi loves it!

14 - 1.jpg_20140308_162908.JPG
He looks like a happy hedgie x)
rnola1 year ago
Cute little fella
I'm a brand new hedgiemama, too, with a young hoglet named Mignonne. This is exactly what I was looking for. She loves wrapping herself up in a blanket, and I had no idea these little sacks even existed. I have fleece, I sew, I have a hedgehog. THIS is perfect. Thanks!
kgirl55232 years ago
I have a hedgehog his name is thorrin!;)
Skye21712 years ago
U can add stuffing ^.^
Handsome hedgie 8D i will keep this in mind when i get a one..
mkesinger2 years ago
Where did you get your hedgehog?
tinker2343 years ago
thank you my hedgehogs needs snuggle bags thanks
CaseyCase4 years ago
I must be under a rock... you can have a hedgehog as a pet? Really?
TristaGee (author)  CaseyCase4 years ago
Yep! They are illegal in some places, like California I know for sure, but most other states it's completely ok. I'm unsure about overseas though.
I live in good ol' Missouri and I'm pretty certain that their aren't any pet restrictions here, haha. But they are considered exotics and can be pretty hard to come by, and expensive sometimes. I found Persimmon by google searching for reputable hedgehog breeders in Missouri. :)
ilpug TristaGee4 years ago
dammit. why is everything cool illegal in california?
Max2095 ilpug3 years ago
because they love to regulate everything here ( I feel your pain)
i live in Missouri to!
acosully4 years ago
its so awesome to find something for people with pet hedgehogs on here! thanks for helping support my hedgie obsession, i will totally be making this!
TristaGee (author)  acosully4 years ago
You're very welcome!! I noticed that there weren't many hedgie related things on here either, so I hope to add more in the future :)
FINALLY got around to making this this morning! it green and purple with some blue piping around the opening. i think ill make two more for my friends hedgies, theyre the parents of my new little baby, tiggy. i used the scraps from making this to make the simple hedgehog dig box thats also on this site. thanks again!
Uptonb3 years ago
Good luck on the Pets Challenge.
TristaGee (author)  Uptonb3 years ago
Thank you :) My fingers are crossed!
obax173 years ago
I work at a wildlife hospital, and this would be perfect for our baby opossums. They have delicate fingernails, so the lack of threads to get caught on is great, and they naturally love pouches to sleep in. We have a few already, but they're pretty flimsy, and this looks nice and sturdy. I'll look for the instructions with the plastic rim, as they also tend to flatten any fleecies they're given to burrow into...
TristaGee (author)  obax173 years ago
I'm so glad that my Instructable can be helpful to your hospital. I'm so giddy right now :D And I know what you mean about the animals flattening them down.. my hedgehog does the same thing. Pfft.
I will definitely get the plastic-rimmed version of the bag up soon. You've given me awesome incentive to do it :D
mary candy4 years ago
So cute your baby !!!
Beanie104 years ago
very cute
triciab12124 years ago
oy hedgehogs are so cute!
sunshiine4 years ago
How cute!
carsoncool4 years ago
I love hedgehogs! You are so lucky!
Aaaaw -I wonder if my guinea pigs would like them? Do they stay open much ? (oooh a peice of plastic in the opening maybe like a hat brim...) ty for the idea he's a lil cutie!
Oh did I mention when I was in 3rd grade I really wanted a hedgie-pog* and my mom drove me out to the country "Just to look" at a litter oh babies; I talked so much about them on the way I almost got her her first speeding ticket?
She got let off with a warning because I cried and said "mommy don't go to jail!"
TristaGee (author)  o0doll_face0o4 years ago
Ha, funny you should mention one with a plastic opening like that. I was messing around with that today and was going to post another instructable when I perfected it!

I've never had a guinea pig, so I don't know what they like. But if they enjoy cozy warm spots then they should love it :)
bkennelly4 years ago
Two things:

1) I think my kitten would probably love it, too (may have to make it a little bigger)

2) Your hedgehog is ADORABLE. Just want to kiss his little face.
TristaGee (author)  bkennelly4 years ago
Awww, it would probably be great for a kitten :)

And I feel the same way sometimes (about kissing his little face, I mean). But that almost always means spiked lips. Haha, he's such a little brat.
suayres4 years ago
Don't know much about those charming critters (hedgehogs)--I'd guess what you're telling usmis that they like warm, dark, cozy little adits in which to secret themselves. I love the pictures, as well as the clarity of your instructable. Your guy is so cute! Thanks.
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