Reverse Balisong K'nex Knife





Introduction: Reverse Balisong K'nex Knife

one of my favorites due to its density when closed and stability when open.

Step 1: Blade

Step 2: Handle

build two of these

Step 3: Tang and Pivots

this is where the blade and handles join together.

sorry for the blurriness.

Step 4: Connecting

join the handles to the gray clips by the blue rod

the second connection of the half moon connector should be notched onto the small green (in this case black) rod

and finished  =:^b



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can you tell me how to make an other blade instead off the one showen

well, for this knife there i havnt found any way else to make the blade so tht it will be sturdy and still b semi-accurate to the real thing. but i do have a few other 'ibles of knex knives

i hope this helps =:^b

im sorry but this butterfly knife isnt as good as your previous one :L cos handles and the closing. i mean it is a good design but i dont really like it... sorry :L your other one is good though :DD

it's uncomfortable to use but it's awesome

breaks easy when you flip it. but good design