Reverse Clock





Introduction: Reverse Clock

We can not put time go backwards , but we can put a clock in reverse.

Step 1: Let's Get Starting...

For this job you will need:
1- A clock with a quartz movement. I've choosen this one because it has no numeric marks.
2- A screwdriver
3- A cutting pliers
Disassemble the body of the watch to get access to the movement and the hands.
As this varies from clock to clock Ieave this step for you...

Step 2: Remove the Hands and the Movement

With careful and with the help of the screwdriver remove the hands of the face of the watch. Then remove the movement from the face of the clock.

Step 3: Disassamble the Movement

Again with the screwdriver carefully pry both sides of the lid of the movement.
Remove all the cogs in the top part of the movement. Then carefully remove the electric part. Be as careful as you can. The wires of the electromagnet are very thin and fragile. A false move and the movement turns in to trash!

Step 4: The Reverse Operation

Remove the metallic part of the electromagnet and reverse it. This is the step that makes all work as we invert the polarity of the electromagnet. You may notice some holes in the metallic part of the electromagnet. These matches some pegs in the mechanism. As you reassemble the movement you may have to cut this pegs out. (In both cases I tried before I always had to cut some pegs.

Step 5: Finishing All

Reassemble the movement reversing the steps. If everything went OK you now have a reverse clock!



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    nice tweak !!!! loved it .. i just made mine .. "a reverse motion clock"..thanks for the awesome instructable

    when i was in high school for some reason the clock in my geometry class starting going back words one day, a few days later it was evident that it would no be replaced nor would it go the right way so i made a formula to get the correct time out it based on the actual time, the current time on that clock and a function to simulate the reverse action of the clock. my teacher was pretty impressed because most of the class werent all that bright lmho

    It worked! Thank you so much! I'd never done anything with clocks before so your instructions were a HUGE help :) This makes the perfect present for nerdy me to give to my nerdy boyfriend :) Thank you again! :D

    I've done something similar to this :)

    I've changed the "casing" of the clock to a photo holder and printed out a new "face"

    However it really is hard to get used on reading time using c-wise clocks >.<


    Very nice ible, think what a great gift this would make, at least to someone with a sense of humor.

    GREAT!!! thanks for you instructable, it scares to see a reverse clock XD.

    Nisith Bose is one of the few acredited Journalists and has worked for Oriya Daily Newspapers like Sambad, Pragativadi, Paryabekhyak and Sambad Kalika. He was also held the post of The Executive Editor for Odia family monthly magazine The Kadambini and the post of editor of satire and humorous magazine Enuscha Tenuscha. He has also contributed his effort in the Odia album world and has four musical cassettes to his credit. They are Modern Barna Bodha, Dasyu Rani Phulan( Phulan the Queen of Rubbers), Maa Aadya Shakti(The Prime Godess) and Mera Odisha Mahan(My Odisha Great). He has written popular weekly humours columns like Enu tenu, Rashikesu,Dheterika, Ekala Pakhala, Raktakhya, Rasa Jharitam Thapam Thapam. He also published two books : Samudrara Swara and Barna Bodha.

    If according to Einstein The Theory of Relativity is E = MC2
    then in my opinion and if there will be proper conditions so The reverse theory of Relativity should be MC2 = E

    Nisith Bose
    Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India
    e-mail ID :

    Reversal of hands trace time of ancient mariner
    By Sanjay Nath
    Bhubaneswar, March 6,1998 : He prefered the hands to defy tradition : to trace their way backward.
    For Mr. Nisith Bose, a writer by profession, turning time hands in an anti clock route was a child hood dream. Bose new Einstein’s Thoery of Relativity which explores the possibility of travelling back in time. he realised that science had not sufficiently explored it.He believed that the idea is not just confined to the imagination of writers like H G weiis who toyed with the concept inthe classic novel, The Time Machine and he was convinced that he could translate theory into reality. he has invented a clock that moves anti-clockwise and gives accurate time. Bose, a pst gratuate in english from Shantiniketa explains his invention to curious visitors The Anti Clock is not the offspring of the brain of a scientific genius claims bose, but the result of creative thinking of a writer His point is seconded by his educational background He does not boast of a degree in sciwnce.Learnig the rudiments of the job job was a self taught task. He decided to move away from academics to a world of tick -tocks. Bose quite his job as a lecturer at Rani Sukadei Women’s Collegeto start a watch shop near CRP square in Bhubaneswar.
    Custmers gradually trickled in and he fingered the hands for an added insight. He tinkered around with watches of all shapes and makes till he understood the inner story and logic of its machanism. The unusal watch is the result of four years innovative renonation as he chooses tolevel his achievement.
    Born in Puri Dham, in Orissa, Bose believed that the concept of time is relative. It changes with situations, moodsand people . The clock forsed him to ponder about the past and veered his interest towards history. “Ancient time may not have been similar to how the immagination of people colours it.”says Bose. But the entire exercise of looking backis educative, he claims. His belief : Hindsight helps one remeber one’s root. After