Step 4: Detailed Description of Circuit Operation

Picture of Detailed Description of Circuit Operation
The fence charger unit produces a very short high voltage pulse on the output terminals approximately once every 1.3 seconds.

Like many high voltage devices, this unit operates by quickly pulsing the input to a high turns ratio transformer.
In this particular device, energy is first stored in a capacitor, which is later quickly discharged through the primary of the transformer, generating a brief high voltage pulse on the secondary of the transformer.

I’ve broken the circuit into different sections based on their function.  Each is described in detail in the steps that follow.  Within each section is a schematic with the relevant components highlighted.  Refer to the schematic when reading through each section.  If the text in these schematics is unreadable as displayed, click the little "i" in the left corner, and then select either "original" or "large".

The pictures here show the top and bottom of the PCB.