First of all we would like to thank the organisation of the Ghent Arduino Jam Session and especially the main sponsor, Capgemini, which made all of this possible.

Target: make a GPS direction finder that shows the direction of the next waypoint, similar to a radio data finder.
The direction finder will be a great device for organising city (or country) search parties for e.g. scouting.
This was our project for the february 2012 Arduino Jam session that took place in timelab, Ghent Belgium.

The team:  Tom, Thomas and myself, see second picture.

Step 1: System Description

The direction finder has an on-off swith for connecting the internal battery.
There is an OK pusbutton to confirm reaching a waypoint.
A circular led display shows the relative direction to be followed, and several "message".

The device can also be fed from the USB connection to the PC, in which case thebattery can remain switched off.

The player has to find a number of waypoints, stored in the direction finder. As the player starts to move, the Leds on the frontpanel give the direction fo the waypoint, relative to the direction of the movement.

The frontpanel has 16 Led's. The Led's are placed at compass directions of 0°, +- 5°, +- 10°, +-15,+- 30°, +- 60°, +- 90°, +- 135° and 180°.
For improved aiming, the forward direction is more detailed then the others.
Also, the 0° Led.is a 5mm type, the others being 3mm.

After startup, a self test of the device is running untill the GPS module has found a fix. During this self test, the Leds blink in a slow circular movement.

As soon as the player starts moving, a single Led indicates the direction to the next waypoint.

When the player reaches a waypoint, the direction on the display will suddenly change.
The player then pushes the OK button.
If the player is sufficiently close to the waypoint, he/she is rewarded with a "mexican wave" by the Led's, and the device finder then switches to the next waypoint.
If the waypoint is not sufficiently close, the leds say "NO" (alternating the 90° and -90° leds).
After 3 faulty buttons pushes, the player is punished: the direction finder now points to the PREVIOUS waypoint.
When the last waypoint is found, a "Hurray" led display is shown.
Where did you buy the GPS module? I couldn't find it online.
I ordered it at Mr Lee, URL: http://www.mr-lee-catcam.de/pe_cc_o3_en.htm
Thanks! Cool project by the way. I want to make one where, if you're in the right area, pressing the pushbutton will open servo that will unbolt the box, which will have something in it.
Keep me informed about your project. Hope you can do something with my software. Good luck!

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