Reverse Go Kart Trike Scooter





Introduction: Reverse Go Kart Trike Scooter

Step 1: Reverse Trike

Ok so this doesn't have any instructions as it was built 16 years ago (before cameras lol) but was built using minimal skills! A full rear end off a scooter (yamaha BWS 50cc) and a front end of a go kart. Front wheels are also off a yamaha bws. The rear end of the scooter provides everything you need, rev cable, brakes, tank, wheel etc. And the best doesn't tip over!

Step 2:

Step 3:


  • i made mine 13 years...-james butler

    james butler made it!


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Hi mbarnes21 what a fantastic trike you built ! I have one question; how did you connect what looks like scooter wheels to a hub? I am in the building/planning stage for a e-trike and decided to buy trailer wheels for the front to get the combination of a ATV-hub compatible bolt pattern and wheel width that can take scooter tires. Do you manage to mount axle-based scooter wheels right onto the steering spindles?

Cameras have been around since the 1800s....

He was kidding around.and you are correct.

I think he meant digital cameras.

I have some random pics, sorry I was in a bit of a rush! I will upload more soon :)


and some more! Hope you can see what you need to see! :)


Pretty cool machine you have there.
You know you can still edit your pics into your instructable itself, rather than posting them in the comments. Just go to your "Instructables tab and find the title, right after the title you click (edit). That never goes away even after you publish.

Could you upload some close up pictures? Maybe someof the joints between the rear end and the "Cab", Pedal Installation Area, Steering, Etc...