This necklace is made with an old macaroni and cheese box. It is reversible, with one pattern on one side and a different pattern on the back.

This technique could also be adapted for a bracelet.

Step 1: You'll Need...

To make this necklace, you'll need:

• A thin cardboard box, such as a cereal box, cracker box, toothpaste box, or pasta box
• Decorative paper: this can be fancy paper, junk mail, a page from an old magazine, wrapping paper, or even just plain paper
• Podge or something else to seal the discs, such as acrylic gel medium
• Jewelry findings (jump rings and a clasp)
• A T-pin for poking holes for the jump rings (a very small awl or large needle would also work)
• A compass, or round things of various sizes to trace
• A paintbrush for the podge
• Scissors
• A pencil
• Plastic wrap to catch the extra podge

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