Introduction: Reversible Duct Tape Bracelet

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this is pretty much the same thing as a regular duct tape bracelet. I will be using Velcro but a piece of tape will work too.

Step 1: What You'll Need

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you need two different colors of duct tape. scissors,or exacto knife for a better cut.
and a ruler(optional)

Step 2: Cut Two Strips

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cut two strips of tape. one from each color or design. make sure they are about 9 in long.

Step 3: Put Them Together

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place on strip on top of the other so that the edges meet.

Step 4: Bend It in Half

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bend it in half neatly and crease it. make sure the edges meet.( you could use the ruler instead). then cut straight down the middle.

Step 5: Measure It

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now measure that piece to about an inch longer than the size of your wrist. then cut off the extra parts.

Step 6: Add Velcro(optional)

Picture of Add Velcro(optional)

put a piece of Velcro on the end of the tape. then flip it over and put another piece on the opposite end.

Step 7: Now Wear It.

Picture of Now Wear It.

now you have reversible bracelet. make it any two colors or designs. and wear it

Step 8: Check Out My Others

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go check out my other instructable.


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