This is the perfect bib for the toddler or baby in your life. The bib has a crumb catching pocket and is fully reversible. Beautiful patchwork disguises stains and a snap closure prevents inopportune bib removal.

If you've got a sewing machine, you can put this together in an hour or two. It's the perfect gift for a wee one and oh sew useful ;)

This is being entered in the Etsy/Instructables Sew Useful contest. You can purchase this bib here: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=6331467 at Etsy.


Step 1: Gather Materials

-Scraps of 4-8 different cotton (quilting) fabrics at least 3 by 10 inches each, enough to make a 10x15 inch piece and a 5x12 inch piece
-Piece of cotton fabric for backing (15x15 inches)
-Piece of light colored cotton flannel (15x15 inches)
-Coordinating thread
-Snap (with snap setting kit) OR iron on velcro

-Sewing machine
-Rotary cutter (optional)
<p>This is superb! It is very unusual for me to see a reversible quilted bib with pocket. It is very pretty. The fabric that you have used is nice. I must try this at home.</p>
this is beautiful! i see baby gifts in my future!!!
this is absolutely beautiful!! I love your choice of fabrics as well!

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