I have bad blood circulation. In winter, this leaves me with freezing cold hands and feet. i am told that this is extremely bad for my health. to prevent this, I whipped up these: reversible soft slipper shoes! 
They're soft, warm and can be worn in bed (but only if you really want to.)

BTW, because everyone's feet are sized differently, steps 2 to 4 are just detailing how to create a pattern unique to your feet.  
BTW again, sorry in advance for the shoddy photo quality. My best camera got dunked in water D:

Step 1: What is needed?

1. 1/2m of Fleece* 
2.  Pattern paper (printer paper is fine too)
3. Sewing Machine/Needle and thread
4. Pins
5. Chalk/Pencil

*The types of fabric that you use depends on the type of shoe you want, but I suggest fleece for soft, stretchy, warm shoes. I actually used fleece and cotton poplin for the lining, because I didn't have enough fleece, which worked well too. The only problem with using the poplin was that it's a weave fabric, and non-stretchy. Makes it a little hard to put on the shoes! XD
Excellent instructable!! <br> <br>As soon as I can get down to Joann Fabrics to get fabric, I'll definitely be making myself a pair (or 2 or 3...) of these ;) <br> <br>Thanks for such in-depth info on sizing -- very helpful. <br> <br>Beth
I always have cold feet too! These are great. I love that you show how to make a good pattern. :D
Thankyou very much :D

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