Sometimes your shoulder starts hurting on one side when you carry a bag for too long. So, automatically you would change it to the other side. But, at that time you may want a backpack. Other times you may want easy access to things in your bag. A tote might come in handy. With the reversible tote backpack you can have the comfort of both.

The bag also has a two in one formal looking leather base bag and a bleached ripped effect bag to suit the different moods!!!

Step 1: Gather Materials

1. Sewing Machine

2. 3-4 Old Jeans

3. Old Leather Material

4. Threads

5. Needle & pins

6. Scissors

7. Tape Measure

8. Bleach & Water

9. Rope

10. Scrap paper

11. Marker or pencil

12. Sticky Tape

<p>This bag is sweet.</p>
<p>These are super cute!</p>

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