Reversible Coffee Pot Warmer


Introduction: Reversible Coffee Pot Warmer

I love this sooo much. It transforms a plain old pot into a piece you will want to show off on your shelf.

You will need

2 different fabrics
stretch ribbon
scraps and buttons

Start by measuring your pot around the glass and the height of the glass up to just below the spout. Cut out 2 different fabrics and the wadding adding 2 cm to the length and 2 cm to the height for seams.

Step 1: Sew It

Cut out a 5 cm square for each side in a contrast fabric. Sew a button on the centre of the square and then hand sew the square in an embroidery thread on to the fabric piece. Repeat for other piece.  Don't forget to place the little square to one end of the fabric.

Step 2: Sew It

Lay the fabric sections right sides together and place the wadding on top. Cut a 9 cm piece of elastic ribbon. Fold in half and place hoop facing inwards half way down one of the short sides, Between the 2 fabric pieces.  Machine round leaving a 5 cm gap somewhere for turning through

Step 3: Finish It

Turn through. Add a button to each side for the ribbon to loop around. Cute hey



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