Review: Battery Percentage Quantity Meter


Introduction: Review: Battery Percentage Quantity Meter

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Video reviewing on a 12v battery quantity display. This particular meter came from, link to this product will be included in the description below. Overall this meter is well made, compact enough where it can be installed anywhere and the display is easily legible. This can be used in automotive applications, recreational vehicles, electrical vehicles, battery operated power tools, and any type of electronic projects. I have tested the current draw on the meter and regardless of the battery that is used, the meter uses 5mA. The meter has a green backlight so it can be seen easily throughout the day and during the night. As the voltage becomes below about 10%, the backlight will dim and once at 0%, the backlight is minimal with the bar symbol flashing.

Have you used this type of meter, please be sure to share your experience, along with what type of application it was used on.

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