Review of Hamilton Beach Digital 24502 Toaster



Introduction: Review of Hamilton Beach Digital 24502 Toaster

The Hamilton Beach Digital toaster comes with a digital display. This is a feature that is normally only found on high-end toasters. This, the digital display, affords an easy view of the variety of options you can choose from to make your toast. Nevertheless, this display does not allow you to customize the shade of the toast.

Although there are nine preset shading settings, there is no way to the set the toaster level in between any of them. In other words, if you wanted a half-level setting, you’d have to cancel the toasting cycle.

Hamilton Beach Digital 24502

The product comes in either a two- or four-slice format. With the four-slice model, there are dual controls which are ideal if you wish to toast different breads simultaneously but on different settings. Both the two- and four-slice models come with wide slots which makes it easy to toast larger artisan breads and bagels.

With the toaster, you get cancel toasting, bagel, and defrost functions, which are pretty much standard with other toasters these days. The cancel function speaks for itself, while the bagel function will toast the cut side of the bagel which means the heel end is left tender. With the defrost function, the bread is thawed, after which it is toasted to the shading you wish. In this way, you can toast frozen breads and pastries without the need to await thawing.

For the modern kitchen, this is an ideal toaster by virtue of its curving lines and stainless steel design. One downside with the Hamilton Beach Digital is its lacking of cool-touch sides. Given this, the sides of the toaster become hot when in use, which always increases the risk for burning your fingers. For ease of cleanliness, there’s a removable crumb tray, while the toaster comes with a hideaway cord to make it that much easier to store.

There’s a one-year limited warranty with the product, which is fairly much standard practice where small kitchen appliances are concerned. If you require a user guide, you can easily download and print a copy from the Hamilton Beach website, albeit there is a hard copy of the user guide that comes with the toaster.

The company also provide a support telephone line which is toll-free, as well as an e-mail form if you have any questions.


This is a standard toaster in many respects, but it comes with a few features that are normally only reserved for the best toasters. It’s disappointing that the sides are not cool-touch, and the inability to customize browning level reduces the possibility to get perfectly browned toast.



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