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Introduction: Review on Knexsnipers Pistol

About: Hi! Im tombuckey. I live in Liverpool, England. I build knex ball machines from my own ideas and also build other peoples knex guns. I have a Youtube account just type in Tombuckey in the search bar and all...

Here is a review of knexsnipers pistol

The Basics:
handle: 6/10 why? Its comfy but it my not fit your hand
trigger: 5/10 why? new design (sorta) but sometimes doesnt let the ram threw when you have pulled the trigger
magazine 7/10 why? its a good magazine but only holds 4 rods.
body: 7/10 why? its strong and sturdy but could use with filling a bit.

looks: 7/10 why? looks sort of real but could do with fill a little.
ram: 9/10 why? it doesnt stick out of the back which is good.
accuracy: 9/10 why? because where ever i aimed i got very close but i was oly shooting from 5ft away in my room
range: 8/10 why? again i was only in my room so this is just a guess.

overall: 7/10 why? fun to play with but it did jam occasinally. Also it was very easy to build.



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      haha, thank you :P i know it is ugly, but it WAS my first knex gun i ever built, and the first one i posted instructions for. note: this gun was only a test to learn the basics of instructables making.

      oh and i still gave 4 stars cause it does not have a ram that sticks out and i like that

      thanks, do you know of any modifications that can be done off the top of your head? it might help my gun become better. thanks again!

      longer barrel, longer handle, bigger magazine.

      ok, for the longer barrel thing, i dont think that would be such a good idea because then i would be sacrificing distance, and it is already very accurate. the bigger magazine can be done by adding grey connectors at the bottom of the already placed ones. make sense? have you built it already?

      no, I havent built it yet.

      ok. if you are planning on it, tell me. and once you finish, leave a comment on my orange board if you have any problems, i may be able to help. thanks :)

      thanx for the review. im not at all dissapointed with the lower marks because as i've said before, it was done all in a night, which i think is pretty good. thanks for your opinion! to come to my defence though, i sort of can't fill in the body because if i did, then you wouldn't be able to pull back the ram. though i do agree, it does look a little empty.