Reviving an External DVD R/RW





Introduction: Reviving an External DVD R/RW

Once in a while i enjoy a bit of dumpster diving, and I get most of my parts/components for projects this way.
I found an external SONY DVD R/RW 2 days ago, but there was no cables. I don't need an external drive, so i don't even bother to scrounge some up. Also the casing was battered abit and really filthy.

Step 1: Disassembly

Screw driver

1 - Pull of the rubber feet (pic 1 & 2)

2 - Press down on the levers, then press in up so they dosen't lock. Do this one at a time (pic 3)

3 - Pull off the casing (pic 4)

4 - Screw out the screws, and remove the metal shield (pic 4 & 5)

5 - Pull out the drive, so you can take off the cables. (pic 6 & 7)

6 - Done (pic 8) Now you need to install it on your PC.

Step 2: Install

1 - You need to deside if the drive will be your Master or Slave drive, and set the pins accordingly.

2 - Hook up that bastard, and start your PC.

3 - Finished, and it works! (pic 1)



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    Ah man i found a yamaha dx-7 synth on the side of the rd a little while ago, junk days in Sydney are the best! Have always dumpster dived but yeah people think u are nuts. Too bad. I used to collect loads of computer stuff & pull things apart, top fun. Now everybody is doing it its a bit harder to get good stuff... its all in the timing + luck.

    we are all the same.... my school often throws out computer gear and everything i managed to pull a UPS a atx power supply and a few 24 port rack mount switches jsut a few days ago they were all a little dirty and smelly just opened them up and clean them! perfect btw nice instructable and save that board you could use it later in another instructable lol

    I,m just starting into electronics as a hobby and was glad to see the dumpster diving, I didnt know i could use that stuff for projects. I've been dumpster diving for over 20 years now just for stuff. I also enjoy wood working and i would get alot of hardware, and some times good pieces of wood, but know i can use the electronic gadgets as parts just made my day thank you

    If only there were more cool dumpsters in the world. A lot of the shops in out town keep their old junk inside. GOSH. I'm in NSW australia.

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I'm amongst friends here. Pretty much everyone I know thinks I am a sub-human reprobate for "Dumster Diving" (I gotta think up an Aussie term for that because "a dump" is to do a poo... ) Skip Salvaging??? Skip Skiing?? Cromlin Bin Cavorting??? I'll work on it. Anyway, I have scored many many many useful things from our bi-annual kerbside junk disposals here in West Australia. I'd make you jealous if I listed the stuff, but as I said, none of my mates or family think it is acceptable. To read this post is endearing. Cheers you guys.!

    There's alot of factorys and firms/compagnies around here and usually where i "dive." Also there's some ghetto's, and all of them have "trash sorting / recycling" cages, eg. electronics, metal, wood, glass and so on.. The only one with locks on, use magnetic cards as keys. One of my frinds live in that area, and i got a copy of his card, so i check that every week. If you live in a city with 50.000 + population it should be extremely easy to find good diving places! Search and you shall find!

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    to bad i live in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere where the only thing to is... wait there is nothing to do here, crap i hate this town

    Ahh, each generation discovers dumpster diving in its own way... ;) Here are a few tips: First, think safety. There can be sharp, dirty things in dumpsters, and they're not known for being well-lit. Wear sturdy gloves. Police supply outfits have knife-resistant gloves (for searching a detainee's pockets) which you should own a pair of anyway. Bring a good flashlight, or head-mounted light if you've got one. Bring a friend. Second, think ergonomics: If you score something big, how will you get it home? Did you drive? Line the trunk with newspaper. Are you on a bike? Think pannier baskets. On foot? Bring a backpack. Might your treasure be slimy? Bring a heavy-duty trash bag. Bring a friend. Third, think cover story: Why are you kids messing around behind this business? Depending on how bored your local cops are, they may claim this is trespassing. (Except nobody's asked you to leave.) They might point out that the dumpsters are private property (true) and that their contents are not public (debatable). If you're looking for clean sturdy cardboard boxes because you're organizing some junk or helping a friend who's moving soon, say so. If your area doesn't have a deposit on aluminum cans, you might be collecting discarded cans to take in for scrap. (Do you look like you come from the appropriate economic stratum?) I once went diving with an art student, who flung herself into a 20-yard container like it was nothing. Later she explained that art students get a lot of their materials from the trash. Ahhhh.. Bring an accomplice. :) Advanced cover: Pick up a set of those $10 laser-tag guns from the toy store. No vest or anything fancy, just the gun that straps to your arm and has sensors around its perimeter. Why are you kids behind this business? Because dumpsters, crates, pallets, and concrete walls make an awesome lasertag environment, Officer! Should we leave? Bring a friend! When you haul something truly sweet home from a dumpster, pat yourself on the back, take some of the money you saved, and invest in a decent first-aid kit with lots of alcohol and iodine wipes. Because your new-found addiction to trash will end up getting you scraped up sooner or later, and you'll thank me. Most of this advice also applies to urban exploring, for which you'll also want walkie-talkies. Enjoy your new hobby!

    I live in Denmark. I take it that you live in USA? The shipping would be tremendous, and it probebly would be cheaper to get one of of Ebay.. But if you'll pay for shipping, no problem.

    can i have the usb ide board?