I began this adventure by being involved with a craft swap on craftster.org. My partner had wanted a stuffed rhino head, so I decided I would give it a go. I also made one for my husband for Christmas in the process! I had seen on websites and in stores these amazing leather rhinos, often used as stools and I thought I could approach my rhino in the same way.

I used a fantastic technique to take a shape off of a toy to create a 3 dimensional plushie. I will attempt to show you how I did this. This technique works really well, is really inexpensive and turns out so neat!

Step 1: Supplies

This is what you will need to this:
- A toy to build off of preferably one you don't mind wrecking.
- cellophane
- masking tape cut into thin strips
- fine tip marker
- sharp exacto blade
- dark or not white paper
- use of a scanner/ photocopier with ability to blow things up ( Hahaha.. Wouldn't that be crazy!) bigger
- Scissors
- Quilting ruler (clear ruler) or just a ruler.
- 2 yards of fabric ( I used a grey velour and I also did this with a faux black leather)
- Thread to match fabric colour
- Glue Gun
- Cardboard, or cardstock, or even a piece of wood. ( to close the back up with)
- a wooden plaque from the dollar store, or (if you are more savvy and have access, cut a shape out of wood and router the edge cause that's really all the dollar store plaque is.)
- Paint ( to paint the plaque)  - I used black for the rhino of faux leather and brown for the rhino with grey velour
- a screw eye
<p>have you tried making a unicorn or other animals???</p>
I have never tried a unicorn, but I am currently working on a dragon using the same technique. I see no reason why it wouldn't work with a unicorn though.
<p>so, what about the dragon ? we want a picture !! :)</p>
<p>cool!!! please post a pic of the dragon when your done...</p>
Fantastic project. Wished I had one; can't sew - don't want to learn.
LOVE this project! Very well done! Easy to follow as well. I will HAVE to do this! Thanks for sharing.<br>
mighty, mighty cool.
Very well done. I've wanted to translate 3D papercraft to plushies for a very long time, and now you have ignited the want even more! Imagine a giraffe head! OMG!
Yes, patterns, patterns, patterns... Great!
Yes, Please add the patterns for your Rhino! Thanks in advance.
Add my name to the list of pattern requests: you did a fantastic job on this! Thank you for sharing the technique...
Looks great and so fun! Don't forget to enter it into the sew challenge contest if not done so yet!
This is awesome!!!<br>I bought a similar moose head at a craft fair several years back and have wanted a rhino and elephant ever since!!!<br><br>I think my boss is not overly happy with the moose head hanging in my cube, I bet he'd FLIP if I put up a rhino!!
Would it be possible for you to scan and upload the templates that you made here? <br><br>-I really like this particular design that you have done!
I will have to think about that. When I made this, I used a photocopier because my scanner is on the fritz so I have to actually find the time to scan all of them in.
I too would love for you to be able to share the template in some way.<br><br>You've done a great job and it looks brilliant!
Wonderful work!!! I hope that u scan the patterns please please.... Thank you for share!!!
Oh i love this! I have always wanted to make one of these through cardboard or buy one of those paper mache'd ones.... this one is super unique and I know if I had this in my house, no one would be able to say &quot;oh, i saw that on ____ catalog online!&quot;<br><br>.... super good number one!
I like it.<br> <br> L
Fantastic. This is exactly how we make mascot heads for costumes too!
Yes, I have seen this technique used for that before, From what I understand the big difference being to sew with this you need to add a seam allowance, while when you make it for mascots you use foam and just glue the ends together?
What an adorable idea!!! That is so creative. I just love this! I like the furry one the best, but the leather one is very Rhino-like!

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