Rhubarb & Honey Jam





Introduction: Rhubarb & Honey Jam

With the health issues of my wife and sons I make jams and fruit desserts for them out of natural ingredients and artificial sweeteners, every spring I make Rhubarb & Honey Jam for them.

Although you can pick Rhubarb all summer long and into the fall the best time to pick Rhubarb is in the spring when it is the sweetest.

Honey is a natural preservative so the ingredients of this recipe are simple Rhubarb and Honey, sometimes to change up the jam a little I add sugar free Strawberry Jell-O to the recipe.

The rhubarb I picked myself and the honey I got from a local producer, this jam takes two hours to make.

Step 1: Ingredients

Start by gathering your ingredients and supplies.

2 cups diced rhubarb

2 cups honey

½ cup water

1 packet sugar free Jell-O



Cutting board

250 ml containers


A large bowl

Cooking Spoon

Measuring cup


Step 2: Preparing and Cooking

Start by trimming the ends of the rhubarb removing the leaves and the root from the stems.

Then dice the rhubarb into manageable pieces place them in the pot.

Add the honey and water to the pot and simmer until the rhubarb is soft.

Let stand in pot to cool, at this time if you want to change up the recipe a little add the Jell-O.

Pasteurized honey is heated to 160˚ pasteurizing honey is a different thing than pasteurizing dairy products. One of the few things that can live in honey is yeast, all nectar the source for all honey and it contains osmophilic yeasts, which can reproduce in higher-moisture content honey and cause fermentation. Although fermented honey does not necessarily pose any health risk the rhubarb can encourage it by adding moisture, so you need to pasteurize the rhubarb and honey to kill any latent yeast cells that might be present and to remove any chance of fermentation.

Step 3: Bottling

Wash and let dry the bottles prior to filling with jam.

Using the funnel add the jam to the bottle to just below the screw on lip.

Screw the lids on the jars loosely.

Step 4: Sterilizing

Once you have filled the jam jars place them in a pot with water that goes half way up the jars and boil the water for thirty minutes.

Remove the jam jars from the boiling water and tighten the lids and let stand until the jars are cool checking the lids periodically to make sure they are sealed.

Step 5: Finished

This is the easiest recipe for jam I have ever used since Honey is a natural preservative there are very few ingredients.



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Thank you Josehf, I've read the recipe and comments and will be trying this myself using pastuerised honey, maybe Manuka? I shall check back when I've had a chance to make some!

Right. My plan is to simmer the rhubarb in the water to cook, soften, and release the pectin, then cool and add honey to taste. After that, I will keep what I can use in a week in the fridge, and freeze the rest for later use. Hoping to have the best of both worlds: tasty rhubarb and honey, without risking spoilage. I know honey doesn't spoil, but I agree adding rhubarb will change that.

I'll be trying it this weekend. Thanks for the good ideas!

I cook and freeze rhubarb (without honey) so I have it avail year round. I just put a small amount of water in the pan so it doesn't burn before softening and releasing its liquid.

I put it in plastic bags when it is cool then freeze flat so it doesn't take up much room.

If you use pasteurized honey you can add the honey after cooking the rhubarb just remember don't boil just simmer.


When I was a child, I would tear off a strip off of the raw rhubarb too, but I used salt.
You will have to post the tarts.
My rhubarb patch is over 55 years old, but much smaller now.
I'm happy to see a man cooking. My dad did too. He thought one needed to be able to do anything, regardless of their gender.

Thank you for this Rhubarb recipe.....! When you add the Jello does it change the consistency of the jam? Do you use the whole package?

I use the whole package.

It will change the consistency a little by making the jam just a touch thicker, you would not notice it if you didn't look for it.

It does add a very nice strawberry flavor.


Thanks, I may try putting a little of the Jello in. I do like the flavor of Rhubarb and don't want to hide it.