Picture of Ribbon Dispenser Box
This instructable was created as an entry in the Esty and Instructables collaboratory Sew Useful contest. It will take you through the materials and steps needed to create a segmented, hinge-topped box designed to dispense spooled ribbon in an organized and efficient way; a perfect contribution to any crafters' shelf.

Step 1: Gather materials

Picture of Gather materials
You will need the following materials:
1. Illustration board -black, 18" X 24"
2. Decorative paper, 18" X 24"
3. Cutting mat
4. Metal ruler
5. Craft knife
6. Single hole punch
7. Permanent spray adhesive
8. Acid-free glue stick
9. Gaffer's tape, black
10. Folding bone
11. High temperature glue gun
12. Pencil
13. Charcoal pencil, white

NOTES: You can substitute any type of sturdy cardboard material for the illustration board; however, I like the black material and I happened to have it on hand.

Make sure your hot glue gun is a high-temp version. The higher temperature means that you can make adjustments to your positioning for a longer period of time than with the cold-temp guns. With that in mind, be careful of your fingers!

Gaffer's tape is just a really sticky kind of masking tape.
What is a folding bone? I'm excited to try this as I have 100s of spools of ribbon since I make hair bows.
donovanbeeson (author)  sarahlynnmurphy2 years ago
You can find them at hobby, craft, and art stores. It's a piece of plastic or length of cow bone that's been polished into a tool to help score and fold things neatly. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c92JRUrarPo
kkinser7 years ago
I loved this box and I immediately made my own. It isn't as neat as yours but it does the trick and I love that I made it! Thanks for the tutorial!
arthessa8 years ago
Amazing tutorial! I just finished mine. Take a look at the results. BTW, Love the materials and tools' background. How did you do that? Thanx Millertime!
donovanbeeson (author)  arthessa8 years ago
I actually just set up the materials on the decorative paper I was going to use for covering the box. Thanks for looking!
moosieknits8 years ago
I love this and I so need one, right now my ribbons are hidden in a shoe box, very crafty, thanks for the tutorial
starrieyed8 years ago
This is a great instructable! And very useful for us crafters! Thank you for sharing and good luck!
karen6088 years ago
Wow, first time I saw a project where even the box was made to size. This could work for any spool item, like jewelry wires, too. Very exact instructions and great photos. Would make a nice gift for a craft person, also.