This instructable was created as an entry in the Esty and Instructables collaboratory Sew Useful contest. It will take you through the materials and steps needed to create a segmented, hinge-topped box designed to dispense spooled ribbon in an organized and efficient way; a perfect contribution to any crafters' shelf.

Step 1: Gather materials

You will need the following materials:
1. Illustration board -black, 18" X 24"
2. Decorative paper, 18" X 24"
3. Cutting mat
4. Metal ruler
5. Craft knife
6. Single hole punch
7. Permanent spray adhesive
8. Acid-free glue stick
9. Gaffer's tape, black
10. Folding bone
11. High temperature glue gun
12. Pencil
13. Charcoal pencil, white

NOTES: You can substitute any type of sturdy cardboard material for the illustration board; however, I like the black material and I happened to have it on hand.

Make sure your hot glue gun is a high-temp version. The higher temperature means that you can make adjustments to your positioning for a longer period of time than with the cold-temp guns. With that in mind, be careful of your fingers!

Gaffer's tape is just a really sticky kind of masking tape.
What is a folding bone? I'm excited to try this as I have 100s of spools of ribbon since I make hair bows.
You can find them at hobby, craft, and art stores. It's a piece of plastic or length of cow bone that's been polished into a tool to help score and fold things neatly. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c92JRUrarPo
I loved this box and I immediately made my own. It isn't as neat as yours but it does the trick and I love that I made it! Thanks for the tutorial!
Amazing tutorial! I just finished mine. Take a look at the results. BTW, Love the materials and tools' background. How did you do that? Thanx Millertime!
I actually just set up the materials on the decorative paper I was going to use for covering the box. Thanks for looking!
I love this and I so need one, right now my ribbons are hidden in a shoe box, very crafty, thanks for the tutorial
This is a great instructable! And very useful for us crafters! Thank you for sharing and good luck!
Wow, first time I saw a project where even the box was made to size. This could work for any spool item, like jewelry wires, too. Very exact instructions and great photos. Would make a nice gift for a craft person, also.

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