Ribbon Flowers: Cheerful Daisie/Part 1





Introduction: Ribbon Flowers: Cheerful Daisie/Part 1

Good day! Lovely daisies delight us with bright and gentle colors, forming a fun multi-colored specks in the garden. Let's try to make them out of ribbons.
You will need: - Satin ribbon 3 mm wide - Round plastic cassette by sewing pins - glue gun - scissors - Gabardine fabric or wide satin ribbon (4cm, 5cm or 6cm; 1.6 inch, 2 inch or 2.4 inch), green color - Acrylic paint (yellow) - Candle or alcohol lamp - Elastic band Begin friends!

Ribbon flowers: cheerful daisie



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    That was fascinating to watch. very talented

    1 reply

    Thank you so much! I'm very glad!