Picture of Ribbon Markers for a Reference Book
I got a new study Bible, but it came without any marker ribbons. Those can be handy when you are working in one part of the Bible, but checking things in other parts and do not want to lose your place(s). I made a set of ribbons.
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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
You will need a scissors, some ribbon, some clear fingernail polish, and some cardboard from the back of a tablet or some plastic from a plastic file folder. Cut the cardboard or plastic about a quarter inch narrower than the thickness of the book. Make it five or six inches long.

Step 2: Make slits for the ribbons

Picture of Make slits for the ribbons
Make short slits for the ribbons. On one of the ribbons I used three slits. On the others I used four. Four is better. You can stagger the cuts for the different ribbons so there is not an especially weak area in the cardboard or plastic. That part will be clearer in a later photo.

Step 3: Attaching the ribbons

Picture of Attaching the ribbons
Here is a drawing to show the general idea of how the ribbons are laced through the slits in the plastic I used. At the right end the ribbon is laced under itself to resist slipping better.

Step 4: Notice the staggered cuts

Picture of Notice the staggered cuts
Here you can see how I staggered the slits for the ribbons. If you look closely, you can see how the top two ribbons fold under themselves to bind better.

Step 5: Placing the assembly into the spine of the book

Picture of Placing the assembly into the spine of the book
The ribbon assembly slips down into the binding of the book. Be sure that the ribbons go over the top of the plastic or cardboard. This means that when you pull on a ribbon, it tends to pull the plastic or cardboard down into the book's binding, rather than pulling it out of the book as it would if reversed.

Step 6: Trim the ends of the ribbons to length

Picture of Trim the ends of the ribbons to length
It is hard to judge exactly how long to make each ribbon, especially when the slits for attaching them are staggered. Trim the ribbons to length with a scissors.

Step 7: Keep the ribbons from fraying

Picture of Keep the ribbons from fraying
Ribbons fray very easily. Paint the ends of the ribbons with clear fingernail polish. Make sure it soaks into the ribbon material. Wait for it to dry thoroughly.