Picture of Ribbon Necklace or Choker
What do you give to all of your lady friends who don't go for robotic mice and DIY kits? How about a nice bit of homemade jewelry?
I made ribbon chokers for all of my friends this year (at least, the ones who would wear one).
They look particularly nice as an alternative to a bow tied around a gift. No more bows in the landfill!
Best of all, they're low cost and simple to make (no sewing skills required).

Step 1: Gather materials and tools

Picture of gather materials and tools
You will need:

a length of ribbon at least 14 inches (though I have a fairly small neck).
I used black velvet ribbon from a sewing store, and sheer green ribbon from the craft store.

A decorative centerpiece: I used miniature silk and velvet flowers, also from the craft store.
other ideas include: beads, miniature birds, letters, hardware.

'hook and loop' closures. Name brand not required. You can either purchase sticky ones like I did, or use glue.

Scissors, hot melt glue gun, ruler, hands.


This is super cute! It looks great, especially for Christmas time like you showed in your first picture. Great idea to use velcro too. Most how-tos I've seen people tying it in a bow at the back and that just doesn't look "finished" enough, you know what I mean?

Since you like choker's like me, I thought I'd share with you this tattoo choker DIY my friend wrote: http://www.instructables.com/id/90s-Tattoo-Choker/

Do you have tattoo chokers? My friend and I are trying to figure out how to keep the choker from stretching so I wondered if you or any of the commenters had any advice.

Kindness is the best accessory,

AnimalGirl4 years ago
that is great but the velcro pulls your hair by it is very Creative
I made one for my girl friend,she loved it.I made mine a bit different I put a bell with "i love you" engraved on it instead of the flower (we are both into cats ^_^)

woosang6 years ago
Great! I can do this one :) Thanks so much!
shenshenita7 years ago
that's really cute!(",)
....ummmm......COOL I REALY DID IT
Vinstepula8 years ago
This is a cool idea. I think I'll make some for myself. :P