What do you give to all of your lady friends who don't go for robotic mice and DIY kits? How about a nice bit of homemade jewelry?
I made ribbon chokers for all of my friends this year (at least, the ones who would wear one).
They look particularly nice as an alternative to a bow tied around a gift. No more bows in the landfill!
Best of all, they're low cost and simple to make (no sewing skills required).

Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools

You will need:

a length of ribbon at least 14 inches (though I have a fairly small neck).
I used black velvet ribbon from a sewing store, and sheer green ribbon from the craft store.

A decorative centerpiece: I used miniature silk and velvet flowers, also from the craft store.
other ideas include: beads, miniature birds, letters, hardware.

'hook and loop' closures. Name brand not required. You can either purchase sticky ones like I did, or use glue.

Scissors, hot melt glue gun, ruler, hands.

<p>This is super cute! It looks great, especially for Christmas time like you showed in your first picture. Great idea to use velcro too. Most how-tos I've seen people tying it in a bow at the back and that just doesn't look &quot;finished&quot; enough, you know what I mean?</p><p>Since you like choker's like me, I thought I'd share with you this tattoo choker DIY my friend wrote: <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/90s-Tattoo-Choker/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/90s-Tattoo-Choker/</a></p><p>Do you have tattoo chokers? My friend and I are trying to figure out how to keep the choker from stretching so I wondered if you or any of the commenters had any advice.</p><p>Kindness is the best accessory,<br>Rebecca</p>
that is great but the velcro pulls your hair by it is very Creative <br>
I made one for my girl friend,she loved it.I made mine a bit different I put a bell with &quot;i love you&quot; engraved on it instead of the flower (we are both into cats ^_^)<br><br>~T.R.D.
Great! I can do this one :) Thanks so much!
that's really cute!(",)
....ummmm......COOL I REALY DID IT
This is a cool idea. I think I'll make some for myself. :P

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