Step 10: Cutting Corners

No, I'm not slashing my wrist. Don't slash yours. And don't splash boiling water anywhere it shouldn't be.

I'm "tillering" the rib, which means shaving the inside of the bend where I want it to bend more.

Then dip in the boiling water, bend over your knees, tighten the bowstring, tiller it some more, then back in the water, repeat repeat repeat.

Until suddenly you realize it's done and looks like it's supposed to.
Ok i like in the US in Oregon, so to make these ribs would willow branches work? what about like wooden dowels bought from the store? would they be too weak?
The magnolia isnt poisonous the leaves were used in a tea to cure nicotine addiction.its bitter in taste but no species is known to be poisonous.
could you use a 44 gallon drum to bend ribs?
Seriously did yall move to paridise or are yall on vacation? If on vacation send me the name of your travel agent.
any comment about the pineapple top in the background?
That's our <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/SIP3BR9FLROJML2/">pineapple plantation.</a> We're starting small.<br/>

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