Like to ride at night?  Here is how to make an under body kit for a Ripstick skateboard.  An under-body kit is a set of lights or light (typically LEDs or neon bulbs) mounted under a car or truck.  Under body kits can flash, fade, and flash in sync to music using a microphone.  We will be making the simplest kind, which is just when the the lights are a steady on.

Step 1: Supplies

For this project you'll need a few basic parts and tools including:

-Phillips screwdriver/drill bit
-7/32 inch Alan wrench
-Knife from a multitool
-Flathead screwdriver
-3/16 inch drill bit
-Electrical tape
-Cut off/grinder attachment for dremil
-Drum sander attachment for dremil
-Safety glasses; when using the dremil
-1 10-100 ohm resistor
-3 AA enclosed battery holder (recommended)
-10 5mm clear LEDs (any color)
-Slide switch
-Wire Strippers
-Soldering iron
-Rosin core solder
-Hot glue gun
-Wire, 20-24 gauge
-And, a ripstick of course!
<p>I don't like the idea of taking apart my ripstik, but it's a good idea!</p>
It is ripstik and company is razor
It is ripstik and company is razor
Wow, good idea!<br>I'll have to try this on my brother's board.
Pretty good
haha lol break his instead... i like your style i have a little bro two
Its a ripstik or casterboard company is razor
Pretty cool...but using more lights gives a much better glow effect.
Thanks for the credit....
I'm somewhat annoyed that his got featured when I had the idea first and had&nbsp; a much cleaner finished <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Neon-glow-ripstick-LEDs/">product</a>. the only difference i see in this instructable and mine is.<br> <br> The battery pack is on the outside , bad thing.<br> The wiring is ineficent and likely to burn out the leds ,bad thing.<br> It has pictures of the tools he used , good thing.<br> It has fewer lights and he didn't frost the LEDs to get a nicer appearance.<br> <br> Sorry to be such a jerk about it, but really? He gets featured for making a worse instructable than I did and he's he's second to do it?<br>
You really don't want to frost a led (or buy a frosted one).<br> They look ugly and are mostly only used in Christmas tree.<br> What would be nice, is diffused led. But then, you would need either more led, or really strong led.<br> <br>
Beg to differ lol, in some cases yes they look ugly, but i think it looks worse when there are 17 spotlights under your deck, instead of a nice glow.<br><br>compare my image and the intro picture.
I wouldn't call them spotlights, the camera takes in a lot of light in a dark inviorment and my picture was from the bottom of the board and yours was from the top.<br>
I had no idea of the existance of your instructable, i just like to put lights on things, and what do you mean that i didnt frost the LEDs?
You can ether buy, frosted LEDs or frost water clear LEDs by sanding the surface of the led. <br><br>I Understand you didn't see mine, but I don't like the way Ive got, 38 instuctables without a single feature. then when you basically recreate my instructable it gets featured...
Now...how could we implement this on a ripstik air? ;)
Cool, FYI it's called a waveboard at least in Denmark (and probably in scandinavia, maybe even in Europe) that would probably help keep the price up :(
The brand is ripstick here in the US.
well no there also is a street surfer brand that's called a wave board, maybe that's what he's reffering to.
I was just pointing out that it was a brand. It's like calling a rotary tool a dremel or a cotton swab a q-tip. I thought they were called waveboards, but the brand is ripstick.
They are called Castor boards here in California.
wave board caster board ripstik its all the same thing :P i got one of each sadly :/ and they all look the same :L
wave boards have a smaller piece in the middle than the ripstick. My theory on that is one is for sharper turns than the other.
I think the wave board is meant for beginners, all the little kids in my neighborhood have the wave, and all the older ones have a ripstick.
That makes sense.
In the U.S. There is the ripstick and then there are cheaper knock off brands like waveboard.
I would love to do this...If I had one...and if I knew how to ride one :-/ haha <br><br>Nice Instructable!
Just an FYi its rip-stick not rib-stick <br><br>http://img.alibaba.com/photo/200298352/RIPSTIK_CASTER_BOARD_RED.jpg
Thanks for the heads up.
Not a problem, and a FYI AWESOME INSTRUCTABLE im going to have to do something like this to my board :)

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