Introduction: Rice Chakli

Rice chakli is very tasty and crunchy snack often made during Diwali Festival.

For making it we need-

2 cups of rice,

1/2 cup of white lentil (black gram/urad dal)

1 tbsp sesame seeds

1 tbsp cumin seeds

chilli flakes (optional)


Step 1: Soaking Rice

soak rice for min 2 hours or up to overnight

then remove water

grind them (for grinding you can add some water )

Step 2: Roasting Nad Powdering Lentil

roast white lentil until it slightly turns pink

let it cool

then grind to make powder of it

Step 3: Adding Ingredients

add lentil powder, cumin seeds and sesame seeds to the rice paste

add 4-5 tbsp of hot oil to this mixture (adding hot oil helps it making light and crunchy)

then make a dough

Step 4:

i have shown 2 pics of chakali maker and its attachment, u can use that or you can use icing tube..

then make round chakli.. or you can make sticks

finally fry them

chaklis are ready


Danger is my middle name made it! (author)2014-10-23

Yum! I love these but I've always bought them! Now I can make my own!