We had plans to have dinner with our friends this weekend. Unfortunately the weather had its own plans and we ended up with no friends and a big pot of rice instead of a fun dinner party. Luckily for us my wife loves rice crackers and so I decided to tinker with our mountain of leftover rice. The results turned out delicious so I thought I would share them with everyone else. (While I have enjoyed browsing Instructables for a while this is my first post so here goes...)

Step 1: The Reagents

For this Instructable all you really need is RICE, PLASTIC WRAP, and HEAT. Everything else is just gravy--but I like gravy, so I also used:
- black sesame seeds
- little dried shrimp
- soy sauce (with some added sugar)
- nori (the seaweed wrappers that they use in sushi)
- cinnamon sugar
- bowls
- spoon/spatula (because a spoon always makes everything better)
- griddle (a frying pan or oven would work just as well I think)
<p>I made these an wrote about it on my blog. They are super simple and very tasty. I used brown nashiki rice, because that's what I had. Sesame seeds and salt were my seasonings of choice, but I'm excited to try other spice combinations.</p><p>I hope you feel my blog post does justice to your 'ible. &lt;3</p><p><a href="http://bit.ly/1T3Sn8C" rel="nofollow">http://bit.ly/1T3Sn8C</a></p>
I just made 4 small batches of these, great idea! The first batch, I did more or less the same way you did, I mixed some furikake with the rice then mashed it into crakers and baked. They turned out OK. Next batch, I put the rice, some raw sunflower seeds, salt and pepper into my food processor and spun it a little. The result was smaller pieces of rice in the mix, and the seeds were broken up. the crackers were very good. I cooked mine on a baking sheet, using pan spray. I baked them for 20 minutes, then transferred to a cooling rack. I made some with peanuts, soy sauce, and sugar that were outstanding! Great idea, good instructable! Thanks!
Awesome ! I'm gonna have to try this and if it comes out great. It's gonna be my Mother's Day gift to my Mom. Is there any particular rice you suggest using or any type would work ??
Looks awesome will try. I always have Furikake at hand seems like the perfect combo...<br>
Seems yummy :) thank you for sharing :)
Another great recipe! I've been trying to eat more rice. I'll have to give this a try!
These look delicious! I will definitely need to try this when I've got extra rice later this week. :D

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