Rice Krispie Cereal Snacks!

Picture of Rice Krispie Cereal Snacks!
This is my very first instructable, and I hope that it will be detailed enough for you. If not, feel free to send me a message or leave a comment. :)

You're going to learn how to make yummy rice krispie snacks! Or with any other cereal. .
(I used Corn Flakes and Milo Cereal here) If you like sweets, this one's for you!

It's easy, fun and tasty! but be sure to have an extra sweet tooth! =D
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Step 1: Ingredients & Materials

Picture of Ingredients & Materials
1. Cereal of your own choice (It's usually easier if you get Rice Krispies or chocolate rice type of cereal; if it's in smaller pieces, it'll be easier)

2. Butter (amount depending on how much you are making)

3. A bag of campfire marshmallows. (small marshmallows melt faster)

4. Peanut Butter (optional)

5. Big spoon(s) (to stir and all..)

6. Containers

7. pot/pan


Step 2: First steps: melting marshmallows

Picture of First steps: melting marshmallows
1: heat pot/frying pan
2: melt butter
3: put in marshmallows (not all together!; i suggest melting little by little)
4: stir and completely melt marshmallows

Step 3: Next: mixing!!

Picture of next: mixing!!
we're about halfway through already!

1: pour cereal into container/bowl or something.
2: pour in melted marshmallows and mix!
3: make sure it (the cereal and marshmallow) sticks to each other.
4: try to make them as compact as possible!

*note: this step must be completed in a few minutes, otherwise the marshmallows will start to harden and will make things hard for you. literally. ahha.

*while mixing, you may choose to add the peanut butter/chocolate

5: you can choose to leave it in the container and cut it up when it dries and hardens later on... or use your hands and make them into the shape of a ball! (or some other shapes if you feel artistic =) )

6: in about an hour [or less if ur impatient], they are ready to be snacked on! =D They are actually quite nice when the marshmallows are still warm.

7: store them in an airtight container in a cool place!~ and enjoy them anytime you want to! .

Hope you liked it! Feel free to post pictures of what you made! .
Eryne6 years ago
A tip: Marshmallow goo doesn't stick to wet fingers!
westlifelover92 (author)  Eryne6 years ago
thanks for the tip, Eryne! :)
Gliucoza6 years ago
i allways wanted to makeone. now i have the recipe!!!
bigfangirl6 years ago
wow these sound good :D *looks at cereal in pantry* hahha coco puffs with peanut butter and marshmallows :DD
you're awesome.
westlifelover92 (author)  bigfangirl6 years ago
thank you!!~ =DD
thank YOU for the recipe. I made them a hour ago and they turned out AWESOME. :D
westlifelover92 (author)  bigfangirl6 years ago
you're so very welcome! . i'm glad they turned out awesome for you! enjoy!! =D
do you *have* to put marshmallow?
westlifelover92 (author)  SmartSkinnyKid6 years ago
you could try using chocolate instead. but it will turn out different. it's up to you. .
Ok, thank you.
these came out perfect :D they're so simple to make and soooo tasty! thank you :)
westlifelover92 (author)  blitzkrieg5016 years ago
i'm glad they did! your welcome! .
viviluk6 years ago
yummm.... i must try milo!
Kaiven6 years ago
I did this with off-brand cereal too!
fwjs286 years ago
MUST MAKE SOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!