How to create a unicorn using Rice Krispies Treats

Step 1: Pour Rice Krispies Into a Large Mixing Bowl

Step 2: Mix in Melted Marshmallows and Coconut Oil

Step 3: Place the Mixture Into a Small Clay Pot

Step 4: Poke in 3 Lollipop Sticks to Form a Triangle

Step 5: Add More of the Mixture to Begin Forming the Neck

Use cling wrap to help form the neck

Step 6: Poke in 2 More Lollipop Sticks

Place the treats in the fridge to set the shape

Step 7: Scoop Some Treats Onto Cling Wrap to Form a Ball

Step 8: Use the Treats to Form the Muzzle of the Unicorn

The muzzle is the jaw, mouth, and nose

Step 9: Use the Treats to Form a Flat-bottomed Teardrop

Allow the shapes to set in the fridge

Step 10: Place the Teardrop Onto the Neck

Step 11: Add Treats to Continue Forming the Neck

Use cling wrap to help form the neck

Add treats as needed

Allow the neck to set in the fridge

Step 12: Poke Sticks at the Top and on Side of the Neck

I used four but ended up taking out two of the sticks

Step 13: Coat With Melted White Chocolate

Set the neck in the fridge to harden the chocolate

Step 14: Add Melted Chocolate to the Base of the Sticks

Step 15: Attach the Ball and the Muzzle

Set in the fridge

Step 16: Coat the Ball and Muzzle With Melted White Chocolate

Allow the chocolate to harden in the fridge

Step 17: Add More Treats to Form the Head

Use cling wrap to help with shaping the figure

Allow the figure to set in the fridge

Step 18: Coat the Figure in Melted White Chocolate

Allow the chocolate to harden in the fridge

Step 19: Use Gum Paste to Add Details to the Figure

Step 20: A Spoon Can Be Used As a Sculpting Tool

Step 21: Use Fondant for the Neck

Step 22: Form the Ears Using Gum Paste

Use lollipop sticks to set the ears in place

Step 23: Poke Lollipop Sticks on the Head and Back of the Neck

I placed some on the side of the neck later on

Step 24: Coat the Clay Pot With Melted White Chocolate

I added a layer of white frosting to smooth it out

Step 25: Place Cotton Candy on the Lollipop Sticks

Step 26: Spray Edible Silver Color Mist Onto a Waffle Cone

Place the dried cone on the unicorn's forehead

Step 27: Et Voilà!

<p>This is amazing</p>
<p>Love it! cant wait to try it</p>
<p>You should enter this in the Halloween food contest too! This is amazing!!!</p>
Shucks thank you :)
<p>Wow! This is amazing! You should have entered it in the edible art contest. You have my vote! :)</p>
Shucks :)
<p>You are truly an artist. I almost got anxiety when the rice krispy treat started falling. In my head I was like &quot;noooo!!!!!!&quot; lol. But you really did a marvelous job. Well done.</p>
Thank you :)
Did I just see this? That is a ton of rice crispies. Like dang. I'm puzzled and impressed at the same time.
I'm sort of stoned rn but that looks amazing. I'm just imaging what it'd be like to Sink my teeth into it
<p>Shucks. And, for the record, it was delicious.</p>
<p>wow looks great lots of work went into making this nice write up on this thanks for sharing </p>
<p>Thank you</p>

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