My kennel club had an entry in an upcoming parade, and I was thinking of an interesting way to costume my dogs while still leaving them mobile enough to march in the parade. My idea was to mount an action figure on the dogs' harnesses to make it look as though the dogs were being ridden like horses. Part of my goal was to make them simple and as inexpensive as possible, but to also look cool and hold together well.


Action figures

Dog harnesses

Zip ties

1/2 yard cloth material




Yard stick

Step 1: Acquire Action Figures

I tried a couple of toy figures I had lying about, but they were far too small. I needed a doll that would match the proportions of my 35-lb standard schnauzers. I thought the ever-popular Barbie would be appropriate, and I looked in a local thrift store. Surprisingly, they had very few children's toys at all. I knew that my daughter had had a small collection of Barbies as a child, but I wasn't certain I could find them. As she is now aged 24, most of her vintage toys are now secured up in our attic. After rooting through several dusty boxes, I found not the pile of undressed, partially dismembered Barbies I had expected, but a matching set of Barbie and Ken dolls, brand new in the box. The Star Trek editions. Bonus!

My daughter's recollection is that my brother gave them to her with the idea that they would be worth something some day. They were certainly worth something to me on this day! Barbie and Ken normally retail for about $10 each, not a costly investment.

<p>These costumes, as well as your dogs, are adorable! I love the photos of the dogs playing; it looks like Barbie and Ken are experiencing quite a wild ride.</p>
<p>Thanks. Most of my instructables are dog-related, such is the depth of my madness.</p>

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Bio: I like to build useful things, especially by repurposing objects of low value.
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