Ride on Esky/ Cooler





Introduction: Ride on Esky/ Cooler

Hi I made this at school I couldn't find any instructions online so I'm putting this on here to help if you want measurements comment below and ill edit it and add them

Step 1: Frame Work

So I made my frame based on a esky I had I made the structure around my frame with feet support on the side making sure you have enough room for your wheels

Step 2: Engine

I got a cheap 49cc engine from a mate but there is plenty online so make a frame work for any engine allowing room for plenty of play to move it I also make a rear axle and put a sprocket on it haven't finished this yet so thats why there is no chain, clutch and bell housing for the engine

Step 3: Steering

My steering was just like a kart with the housing then bolt and nuts holding it in then theres a handle and it all connects



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    hey there can I get merasuemtns for the frame

    Be aware that this is a patented design. That product is already in existence and protected.