Combining our passion for creating one-of-a-kind skateboards, with the inspiration of all these amazing pallet related projects being posted to Instructables, we decided to try and build a unique skateboard to share with the community.

We use skids to import/export goods all the time at the shop, but there are always extra pallets that have reached their expiry date and all of these projects are such a great way to make use of the scrap material.

To make the 'skidboard' we used the following tools and materials:


Hammer (with nail pulling claw)


Handheld Palm Sander

Edge Sander


Miter Saw


Handheld Router with 1/2" Roundover Bit


Wood Screws

Wood Glue


Paint Roller

Outdoor Protective Finish

Skidboard Hardware:

Wheels, Trucks, Griptape (spray or adhesive sheets)

Step 1: Disassemble Skid for Wood

By far the hardest part of this project (and probably most pallet related projects), is taking apart the skid to get the raw material needed. For these particular pallets, we used a basic Claw Hammer to help pry and hammer the planks apart.

Once we had the material needed for the board (three 3" planks), we used the hammer to drive the nails out from the bottom side, and then pried the nails out from the top side. Some of the nails were inevitably rusty and bent, and took a bit of extra work to get out.

There were also some of the pallets used that were put together with industrial staples. These ones were much harder to disassemble, but we were able to with the same hammer and a little extra elbow grease. Because the staples are harder to fully remove, we simply cut off the ends with a chop saw before working with the material.

<p>thats awesome ,you should recycle the scrap to make risers:)</p>
<p>We do all sorts of cool projects with the offcuts! Jewelry, risers, toe stops... it's all part of the DIY fun!!</p>
<p>How thick are the planks you got from the pallet?</p>
<p>About 3/4&quot; thick</p>
<p>This thing looks awesome! I think I'll have to try this. So it's just the glue holding the wood planks together? Do you feel like that is sturdy enough for a skateboard?</p>
<p>It has been so far! It's not the most high performance deck ever made, but any skateboard is held together with just glue :)</p>
<p>Needs some concave and bigger wheel wells.</p>
<p>It is an old school style board, which were all generally pretty flat... we have lots of tutorials for boards with concave :)</p><p>The wheel wells are also perfect with our setup. </p>
<p>Sweet! I love the rustic wood stain and the flames on the front!</p>

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