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I have always wanted to make a riding push mower, but never had the tools or the extra mower. Until now. Introducing the very first DoStuffRight Riding Push Mower. This can be used to mow the lawn or ride down the street to show off to the neighbors.

DO NOT ATTEMPT AT HOMEwithout knowing the risks. Know the risks.

Step 1: Get Materials

All you need is:

A bicycle,

A mower with a strong self propelled,

A welder,

And some redneck ingenuity.

Step 2: Prepare Bike

All I did to the bike was take the back tire off.

Step 3: Welding

Be careful with this one. Be sure to wear gloves and a helmet. Depending on numerous factors, placement of the bike varies. For the welding I used a $60 100 amp ARC welder, or if you don't want to spend the money, you could make a welder from a microwave at your OWN RISK, just saying...

Step 4: Brakes

The most important part of any moving vehicle is brakes. The brakes on this mower is very complicated. What you do when you want to stop is put your feet down. That's it! Really!

Step 5: Test Drive

Words can't describe how this rides, but a video can. Watch this video to see. Don't forget to vote for me!! The button is on the top right corner, it is medal shaped. Note: if you are a mobile device and cannot watch the video, go to this direct youtube link:


There has been some concern of safety, first off DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME, second, there is no blade on this mower. Seriously, I am not responsible for anything that occurs. I have been doing these things for years and I know the risk. If you are not willing to take a risk or know the risks, DO NOT ATTEMPT because this is dangerous.

If you want to help me out with my inventions, please leave a comment and subscribe to my YouTube channel DoStuffRight Instructions.


Don't forget to do stuff right!



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    This is genius. With refinement, maybe it could really be feasible to mow with.

    You do realize that there is a tool you can use to take the chain apart and put it back together, right? It's held together with pins. You pop a pin out, the chain pulls apart easily, you unkink it, line it back up, and put the pin back in. No need to cut anything.

    I know. I just didn't want to buy the tool to use once. There is no problem with cutting the frame. It was way faster. Thanks for the suggestion.

    cut the frame to get the chain off? Why not cut the chain as it is not being used in your build. I don't think i will be making this call me old fashion but i like my lawnmower without a bike welded to the front of it

    I'd rather cut the frame which I can weld back than cut the chain which I can't and will not be able to reuse.
    the point of this is to see if it can be done, I don't use it to cut my lawn every time. I just have had this vision for years and wanted to try it.

    I was gonna say, this looks 100% safe

    Why is the right seat-stay cut? I would get that fixed/supported pronto! Once that's done, then I also encourage the idea of installing the transmission engagement lever and the throttle on the handlebars.