Step 4: Start It Up

Picture of Start It Up
Now that you've located all the components on your motorcycle and how to find neutral, it is time to start it. I recommend for your and the motorcycle's safety that you always start your motorcycle in neutral and some motorcycles must be in neutral to start. This is so you don't accidentally release the clutch while in gear and accelerate when you don't intend to.

1. Flip the engine kill-switch to the 'on' position.
         Note: The symbol for the 'on' position will be a circle with a small cutout without an X over it.
2. Kick the kickstand up with your left foot.
3. Press and hold the ignition switch.
         Note: If your motorcycle is carbureted, you may need to adjust the choke and give it extra gas when starting.
         Note: Some motorcycles require you to pull in the clutch when starting, even when in neutral.
4. Release the ignition switch once the motorcycle has started.