Step 6: Turn the Motorcycle

Now that you are comfortable with where the motorcycle starts to move you should now practice turning. Motorcycles turn much differently when they are moving slowly than when they are moving quickly. Under 10 miles per hour (or so) motorcycles use conventional turning. If you want to go right you turn the handlebars right, if you want to go left you turn the handlebars left. A trick to turning with motorcycles is to always look through your turn. That means that you are looking at where you want to go the entire time you are turning, not in front of you. Again, the motorcycle wants to go where your head is looking.

       Tip: Do not pull the front brake whenever the handlebars aren't square, especially at low speed. This can cause the wheel to lock up and the bike to fall, taking you with it.

1. Release the clutch to the friction zone and begin to accelerate.
2. Add a small amount of throttle.
3. Continue releasing the clutch and adding throttle until you are moving at 8-10 MPH.
3. Look at where you want to go.
4. Turn the handlebars in that direction.
5. Even out the handlebars as you finish your turn.
6. Ride around in any pattern you like, practicing your turns. Remember, turn left - go left, turn right - go right. Be sure to stay under 10 MPH.
        Tip: A weaving pattern or a figure-8 are both great.