Step 7: Lean the Motorcycle

Counter-steering is something that baffles many people. They know that motorcycles turn by leaning at higher speeds but they often don't understand what is actually happening. When a motorcycle moves above 10 MPH (or so) conventional steering fades into counter steering. This is where the motorcycle begins to turn by leaning. This means that everything reverses. Instead of turning the handlebars in the direction you want to go, you turn them in the opposite direction. The way to remember this is push left - go left, push right - go right. In a right turn, for example, when you push the right handlebar away from you and cause the bike to lean to the right, and as such it turns to the right, but in the act of pushing the right handlebar away from you, the handlebars are turning left. So the handlebars are turned left, and the motorcycle turns right, thus - counter steering. This is something that might not make sense to you until you try it.

      Note: Be sure to have plenty of free space for this as you need to be moving faster.

1. Accelerate to around 15-20 MPH.
2. Look at where you want to turn to.
3. Push the handlebar that is closest to where you are turning to away from you.
      Note: Right turn means push the right handlebar away, left turn means push the left handlebar away. Be sure to start gently and work up as you get more comfortable.
4. Even out the handlebars as you finish your turn.
5. Make larger and larger turns and try doing them at faster speeds. Don't attempt something that is not within your comfort level.