1) Consider dimensions that will work with multiple rifles, if applicable.
2) Cut notches for butt and stock/barrel such that the rifle ends up roughly level.
3) Foam/rubber can be wedged in the notches, under the butt and barrel, to keep the gun secure (instead of adding a vice mechanism).
4) Cut a template from paper and trace on end pieces if extra detail is desirable.
5) Use Titebond to glue end pieces of plywood, etc. for extra thickness and detail.
<p>Nice unit! If I could get the dimensions of your baseplate or a rough blueprint I can take it from there. Handy to travel with too so you have a cleaning stand when on an extended hunting trip! </p><p>Best Regards, Dave Howell</p><p>Alias Camel Dave Howell</p>
Thats a nice looking mosin ya got there

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