Credit goes to the guy who made the k'nex Winchester for most of the thing, and ratchet system goes to, I think, dsman. Basically a HUGE modification of said Winchester.
Pic 1:Full view.
Pic 2:Look down the barrel through the scopish thing in the stock.
Pic 3:Closeup of the modified ratchet system.
Pic 4: closeup of the modified stock from the Winchester.
Pic 5:Special ammo clipped on. can be used as extra handle here.
The ammo I use for this is basically a red connector with a yellow rod in one of the side slots and a green rod in the other.
Special ammo is simple, and the purpose is to increase oomph while decreasing range. That stuff HURTS
Are you suggesting that blind people should not have children?
Well, clearly a blind person would not notice the gun in the first picture. And a person who cannot or did not notice it, according to you, should not have children. Therefore you are suggesting that blind people or people with other visual impairments should not have children.
Christ! He was just trying to make a joke
So was I.
... :chainsaw: crud, emoticons don't work here...
And that's why phpBB is better.
phpBB is what KI uses. Is part of the ible's vs KI thing. People are complaining about KI not being user friendly in its organization, but I prefer it. It also allows smiley's because it uses phpBB.
but then it might not be able to keep up with all the server strain from people using it on thousands upon thousand sof pages a tthe same time...
phpBB is a scripting language. People using the pages at the same time is the server's problem.
i wish ibles used that, then...
Then ible's would be organized like KI.
or that their browser isn't loading their pictures right.
uhhh... i mean people who can see perfectly fine, and who can find this instructable in the first place, should be able to see the gun or they should not reproduce.
pretty cool, although the trigger looks a little weak
not at all; all the trigger does is disengage a piece allowing the ratchet to spin freely. it doesn't need to be too strong, but it doesn't break very easily. note that this gun is disassembled at this point because i got bored of making dents in my wall and i have now made a new, albeit triggerless, multi shot gun.
I mean the grey rod from the handle to the trigger. I know the actual trigger is strong having used rtchet systems myself, but the connection looks weak
it's not weak; it's actually pretty strong since the handle stops it from moving around too much.

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