Rifled Musket, Firing, Model 2009





Introduction: Rifled Musket, Firing, Model 2009

About: That musket i posted was not exactly perfect, but it got posted. Right now I have up pics of my new G36c in my comment to nutty guy on his SCAR Ible.

Here we go... This is a rifled musket that uses a firing mechanism that is modified (a lot) from ironman69's M110 rifle. Its a muzzle loader, meaning every time you fire it, you must load it from the front of the barrel (for those who do know, I'm not trying to insult your intellegence, some people don't know). It uses a barrel spacer to take up space between the ram and ammo. It has a non-working flintlock mechanism that overall just looks cool. I used ajleece's Kar 98k Model stock for lack of my own design (and my laziness).
-Range- 35+ feet (probably much more, because I was firing it in my house)
-Ammo-Yellow rod with grey tip (and grey rod w/ grey tip to space for ram)
-Hurt factor- 10 feet= 10/10, 20 feet= 8/10, 35 feet= 5/10

Its not hard to build, pretty simple actually. I didn't make this an 'Ible, again, because of my own lack of a work ethic. So here are a few pics for your ocular enjoyment...



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    thank you for your interest, but alas this gun has long been disassembled. i dont think it would be too difficult to build from the pictures here, though.

     Um, two things, the brown bess was a musket, therefore not being rifled, and while the picture is of a musket that is not a brown bess, but a french musket called a Charleville.  A bess does not have metal bands holding the barrel on, instead it has pins which would be difficult to see in a picture like that.

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    I'm not much of a musket afficianado (spelled that worng), so I just searched Brown Bess on Google Images and I posted what came up. But, again, I say, its just KNEX, dont take the name too literally.

    Muskets didn't have rifling because they didn't really need it. They just shot little lead balls or small slugs.

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    Well, yes and no. They did use it sometimes, but it was hard to ram the ball down the barrel; rifling really only became the norm when breech-loading was more common.

    I don't like liars.

    "Rifling is the helix-shaped pattern in the barrel of a gun or firearm, which imparts a spin to a projectile around its long axis. This spin serves to gyroscopically stabilize the projectile, improving its aerodynamic stability and accuracy." Your gun doesn't have that.

    again, I say, rhetorical question its just a name, but if you are so concerned, how do you propose I do that with KNEX?

    All I'm saying is that calling it a rifled musket is a false claim.

    it means there are ridges in the barel to make the bullet spin for greater distance and acuratcy

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    close, not ridges, but grooves (it was a retorical question meant to insult jollex to get him back for mocking me)