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Having a pleasant Easter, I decided to add a little humor to the traditional game of egg hunting. Placing a spring in a plastic egg, I made it so that it will pop open from shaking it. I notice that many kids shake them to see if they got something good, but they're in for a surprise! Using a larger spring like I did will even make the egg open by itself occasionally! It's really a fun twist to add in egg hunting, and very rewarding to see an unsuspecting person pick one up. I will post up a small video soon to show a quick demonstration.

Happy Easter!


Win Guy (author)2011-04-27

LOL! This is great! I'm gonna make one as soon as possible!
Win Guy

username252 (author)Win Guy2011-04-27

Have fun with your egg! Make sure that you place something in it so the egg will pop by shaking (best chance of surprise).

What kind of spring did you use?

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