I want to start this instructables by thanking the EPA and our Government for ethanol. Thanks to ethanol my ten year old Echo leaf blower died. I have always thought powdered lawn equipment should have a 2-cycle motor. If it doesn’t smoke it probably doesn’t work very well. I found this Black and Decker leaf blower on the side of the road and picked it up. I plugged it in and it worked, I figured I would use it till I replaced my Echo. The part where you plug it in, was at best was stupid. The plug kept pulling out and then turning off with every step. The second time I used it the thing, it started smoking. I jerked the power cord out and saw the plug was melted.

Step 1: Too Much Screwing

I decided to fix what a team of engineers couldn’t get right. I took my newly melted extension cord and cut off the good end. I started taking the leaf blower apart and it had way too many screws. I don’t plan on putting that many back in. After what appeared to be two days of removing screws the case split in half.
I finally realized what your comment about Ethanol was about. Yes, regular gas will eat up small engines in a few years. My local repair place (that knows me now) says the EPA would like none of them to be in use. Find a fuel station that sells unoxegenated?, "real" gas that is used for outboard motors. No ethanol. It's worth almost $6.00/gal. or more for the small amts. we use.

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